My Top 10 Female Seiyuu of the Year 2013

Once again, there are new seiyuus coming and they’re in the shows which I didn’t watched. And again, I like how the veteran seiyuus are coming back just for old times’ sake

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My Top 10 Male Seiyuus of the Year 2013

Comparing to the past years’ lists to 2013, there are lot of changes. Some of those who stick around for the three years tend to fall back and give way for the newcomers. But, just like last year, some of the veteran seiyuus are back.

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I’m definitely back for 2014

I rarely make New Year’s Resolutions but this time, I’m going to be serious. Asides from the RL stuff, I’m definitely going back into blogging. Though, I might not do the usual anime episodic blogging, I could post some movie and anime reviews that I’ve seen for the past months.

Anyway,Winter 2014……looks a bit meh…..but I made some choices:

  • Space Dandy- The dandiest man in space made by the creator of Cowboy Bebop. It probably looks like some slapstick show following the (mis)adventures of Dandy (that’s his name). I know there’s a 10 minute sneak peak but I rather see the full episode first.
  • Hoozuki no Reitetsu- I don’t know what’s this all about. The synopsis is about some demon dude who solves problems or something. Idk. Someone in tumblr keep reblogging this. So, I might check it out.
  • Gin no Saji S2- I’ve watched the first season which looks good. And with the second season coming, there might be more interesting stuff for our main protagonist, Hachiken.

I’ll probably watched Nobunaga the Fool and Strange+ if the first impressions are good. I’ll continue watching Kill la Kill, Samurai Flamenco and Phi Brain 3

My Anime of the Year 2013

To my dear readers, if any of you are still following this wordpress blog, I apologize for abandoning this blog and not reviewing. But fear not, I’ll just keep popping out whenever I have the motivation to do so. For this year, I only watched 9 shows including the 3 carryovers from 2012. Yeah, I was never interested to whatever the anime fandom is hyping about like Valverave, Eccentric Family etc.

BTW, Kill la Kill, Samurai Flamenco, Phi Brain 3 and Gin no Saji will not be included in the 2013 list and instead be part of 2014.

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Special Announcement

*dusts off blog*

Wow, I’ve been absent for like 2 months now. Or more like, not blogging any 2013 anime for the past months. Anyway, to anyone of you people who still follow this blog, just so you know, I’m going to take my leave from anime blogging.

The reason is that I’m nearly finished my graduate degree and next year, I’m going to do my thesis. I know that this is one of the common reasons for animebloggers to go on a hiatus. For me, this is serious and in my country, finishing a graduate degree is a requirement for taking the board exam in psychology.

But still, my interest in anime and manga hasn’t fade. Right now, I’m currently watching 4 Fall anime shows (Kyousogiga, Samurai Flamenco, Kill la Kill and Phi Brain Season 3). I’m nearly finished with Suusei no Gargantia and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (also heard that there’s a follow-up of it next year). So, probably on the Christmas break, I’ll still do my Top 10 whatever of the year.

As for blogging anime….well….time would tell again if I ever get back. It’s been fun blogging the shows you like to watch. I’ve been planning to make reviews on the anime movies, manga and shows that I’ve watched for the past months. But the motivation to do it has dwindled. Somehow, real life and tumblr are the reasons for that.

So, I’ll still be around. You can check my twitter and my tumblr as I’m both active in those.

The Wolverine (2013) review


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I’m back after a four month hiatus. So now, I’ll start my comeback with a movie review of The Wolverine. I’ve reviewed the anime back in 2011 which is part of the Marvel anime project created by Madhouse. So, to be fair, I’ve decided to review the movie as well. The anime’s and the movie’s plot is based from the 4 part comic mini series written by Chris Claremont where Wolverine goes to Japan and meets Mariko. While the anime is decent, the movie really made it more entertaining as it connects the story with the X-Men 3: The Last Stand. Oh, and this movie seemed to throw out anything related to X-Men: Origins as if it never happened XD. Note: This movie is NOT an X-Men movie. Sure, Wolverine is a member of the X-Men but remember, he appeared before the debut of the X-Men.

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Currently on a break

If anyone wonder why I’m not updating the blog despite the new shows this year, it’s because I’m slowly losing interest in watching the latest anime. Sure, there are great shows like Attack on Titan and the others. But ever since the Oscar season, I put most of the Winter 2013 animes on hold and only watched Psycho-pass since it’s the only show which I’m only interested and that I’ve blogged it since October. And looking at the currently watched shows, I haven’t got around to continue them.

And now, I’m spending more time in tumblr, watching movies and checking out the latest movie news which is not the celebrity gossip crap since  they’re shitty stuff that the American media makes up just to make money and feed on the average person’s stupidity.

So, why is this happening to me? Well, we all know it’s because the industry keeps feeding on the moe and ecchi crap to its target audience which is why some anime fans began to lose interest on the current shows and that casual and foreign fans no longer find the current shows appealing anymore. Sure, there are some shows which don’t fall on these trends but it’s hard enough that the fanservice-y shows got more attention. Yeah, we could get used to it but now, it’s very tiring actually.

I understand why the industry kept doing and I’m not against since I’ve watched some shows which have those trends and yet, have good storylines. But now, I’m getting tired of it. I guess my interests and tastes changed as I grow up. Instead of the youth-oriented shows which most teenagers are watching today, I’m more interested in those which has adults as main characters. Except they’re outnumbered.

Try asking any anime fan who is not currently watching any show this year (or the last few years), they would say, “Is there an anime like Cowboy Bebop etc.?” or “Is there an anime where there’s no boob flashing, moeblob or any fanservice type?” Well, you couldn’t give a straight answer right away. Sure, there are some but it depends on how storyline appeals to them.

However, I’m still reading manga which explains my updated manga list. So, yeah, I’m on a break in watching anime (except for the anime movies). Don’t worry, this is just a phrase and I might come back if there is something interesting. I’ll only blog if I have something to say.

My twitter is still open though I tend to tweet a lot of rant these days. And you find me in my tumblr.

“Out of Control” by Nothing’s Carved on Stone


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CAUSE I FEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLL! I CAN SHOW MY EVERYTHING TO YOOOUUUUUUUU!!!! Geez, this song is in my phone forever. Whether you like the song or not, admit it: it’s catchy! Though the PV itself very special, you can’t help but see how fast the guitarists play….and I had a feeling that the lead vocalist is cosplaying Shizuo of Durarara minus the shades.

As for the lyrics, asides the from the memetic chorus, it’s more of a Shinya vs. Shogo situation in which the latter taunts the former into looking for him. With the show ending, this is likely the case.