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 Note: I made this post last year when I’m still a Yaoi newbie. In fact, this game is the one responsible for introducing me to yaoi.

Kichiku Megane (Small Introduction)

At first, I’m against yaoi. I don’t like to see two guys having sex together because it’s kind of disturbing to me. But everything changes when I saw this in YouTube. I look for the video which a Code Geass fan parodied and there is it…..

That video made me into a yaoi girl. Damn you, yaoi! Anyway, because of this new obsession, I decided to read the manga version of Kichiku Megane (which means “Brutal Glasses), depending on how you translate it) which shows the Megane-KatsuyaXMido route (which is one of the most popular pairings in the game). Then, I download the demo version of it before I try to download the game itself. I also found a novel version of it which shows the MidoXNormal-Katsuya route.


You play as Katsuya Saeki, a lowly businessman who thinks that he’s useless and doesn’t do anything right. In other words, he’s such a loser. One day, while drinking a can of beer in the park, a mysterious man in black gives him a pair of glasses which he said that it is a “lucky item”. Katsuya puts on these glasses and the next he knew, he’s sleeping next with a high school boy, who thinks that he’s “awesome” and tells him to call him.  Yup, you just realize that these glasses are not just ordinary glasses, but glasses which make you a pro businessman and a—-that’s right—–a sadistic seme, who starts raping his colleagues before dancing the late Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”.

BTW, if you’re asking what’s my favorite storyline…well, it’s the Mido storyline (both uke and seme).

The gameplay requires little interaction from the player as most of the duration of the game is spent on simply listening to or reading the dialogues between the various characters because (duh!) it’s a visual novel. Every so often, you will come to a “decision point” where you are given the chance to choose from options that are displayed on the screen. Not only you get to choose which option do you want to play out, you also get to choose where you want to go (like you want to go MGN, to the bar or the café). And most importantly, you get to choose whether you use the glasses or not.

There is also a kichiku meter, where in, it increases when you make your decision while wearing the glasses. The meter ranges at lowest green to highest red. But it doesn’t do except that if it reaches to its maximum point which is red, you’ll likely get a bad ending. The end ranges to normal good and bad where bad endings outweigh the good. And the meter indicates how much you become a bastard while wearing the glasses.

There are 31 endings all in all which means you better make multiple decisions to see the different outcome of the ending and most likely, which character will you end up with. The good endings are like your typical romantic endings (except one which is not really a good and romantic ending at all!). The bad endings are…..err…..worse…..most likely, you end up getting stabbed (XP) or you end up becoming a prostitute/sex slave for the rest of your life. There is also an ending which you can have an orgy (Hell yeah, ) and some endings which…well…..I can’t describe them but it kind of destroy the dignity of a certain character or really destroys the relationship of a certain character…..But there are endings which are neutral meaning they are not actually good and they are not actually bad.


(Seiyu: Daisuke Hirakawa)

Katsuya, at first, is a 25-year-old businessman who thinks that he can’t do anything. But everything changes when he receives the “glasses”. Anyway, if you choose to use the glasses, Katsuya will be a seme who starting raping to gain a higher ground. But if you choose not to use the glasses, Katsuya will still be the Katsuya you first know in the game and yeah, he’s a uke who’s being raped by tons and tons of guys.

Normal:This Katsuya will do what most stupid ukes would do: moaned while being molested and raped. It’s actually cute to hear his uke voice. Also, Normal-Katsuya’s moaning voice sounds too high-pitched and loud which is why I had to turn down the volume. I think he has the highest moaning voice compare to the rest.

Megane: This Katsuya is a manipulative, sadistic, dominating sex machine. His “geass” is sex in which he uses it for blackmail, punishment, humiliation and, yeah, pleasure. And the only thing to make those bossy, angry and annoying colleagues to shut up is to molest and rape them with your fabulous and sexy voice. I’m amazed that Daisuke Hirakawa can do a deep and sexy seme voice which makes me wonder how on earth he managed to do those selfcest scenes.

BTW, Hirakawa is known to be playing the voice of Makoto Ito in the anime version of School Days, which I don’t recommend watching if you’re into happy endings. And whether Normal-Katsuya and Megane-Katsuya get a bad ending, all you can say is “Nice [insert word which is appropriate to the bad ending]!”

Takanori Mido aka the perfect TSUNDERE GUY I WANT TO SLEEP WITH

(Seiyu: Koji Yusa)

Mido is a 32-year-old head of MGN and the first impression of him is that he’s an arrogant and egoistical dickhead. So when you’re Normal-Katsuya, Mido is the combination of Gin Ichimaru and Megane-Katsuya. But when you’re Megane-Katsuya, the tables turn and you manage to wipe Mido’s smirk right to his ass (literally….). Whether Mido is an uke or seme (depending on decision in using the glasses or not), he’s actually not a dickhead after all. He’s in fact, a moe which is why I love this guy and he’s my favorite character. :hearteyes:Moreover, he sounds soooooooo sexy most especially when he’s an uke!!!!! :3 But when he’s a seme, he reminds me of Lelouch Lamperouge of Code Geass. Don’t ask why.

Koji Yusa is good in doing both seme and uke voices and he’s quite famous in the BL world.Not to mention that he’s the seiyu of Gin Ichimaru from Bleach and Kon Shinomone of Amatsuki

Kenji Honda aka “BEST FRIEND” aka Lawnmower

(Seiyu: Hiroki Yasumoto)

Katsuya’s best friend since college and unlike Katsuya, he’s a bright and happy-go-lucky guy. Except that I’m kind of annoyed when he patted Normal-Katsuya on the back, which I think he tried to break Katsuya’s back (srsly, Katsuya, you need more calcium). And like Mido, he can be the uke and the seme. And, boy, he moans like a car (which is why his family name is Honda ™ coz, he’s very LOOOUUUUDDDD!!!!).

Hiroki Yasumoto is Yusa’ cast mate in Bleach where he played the voice of Sado “Chad” Yasutora. And also he played the voice of Germany in Hetalia Axis Powers.

Minoru Katagiri aka Resident OYAJI

(Seiyu: Makoto Yasumura)

Katagiri is a 43-year-old divorce and the head of Kikuchi Marketing’s 8th Division. He is sweet and nice, who reminds you of the old lady who gives you cookies. And yeah, he’s only an uke if you’re Megane-Katsuya. Also, since he’s divorced and lost his son, he’s actually wants some company which is why he is clinging (literally) to Katsuya. In fact, before finishing his route, you will feel kind of sorry for this guy.

Makoto Yasumura is a seiyu I’m not so familiar with except in the anime REC with Kanako Sakai (who played the voice of Kikuri in Jigoku Shojo 2)

Taichi Igarashi aka COLLEGE BOY aka Slipknot Poser

(Seiyu: Takashi Kondo)

Taichi is a 21-year-old university student who works in a café near Katsuya’s apartment and loves music. He is also from a family of Yakuza (Srsly!) which is why he knows his “methods”. The weird thing about his route is that Normal-Katsuya is uke while Taichi is the seme despite their height…

Takashi Kondo is his seiyu, but I’m not familiar on what roles he voiced.But I managed to find out that he played the voice of the arrancar D-Roy in Bleach and Train in Black Cat.

Aki Suhara aka BISHIE S**** BOY

(Seiyu: Keisuke Gotou)

Aki is the first guy you slept with when you first try out the glasses. He’s in fact the youngest in the cast which is why I don’t like to have Megane-Katsuya pair him because I don’t want Megane-Katsuya to become a *********. *facepalms* Why, oh why did Spray want Megane-Katsuya to become a **********? In fact, his “happy” ending is not even a happy one. Who the hell does that in real life?

Keisuke Gotou is a newbie seiyu since I don’t know if he has any anime roles he voiced.


(Seiyu: Takeshi Maeda)

Mr. R is the mysterious guy who is responsible in giving the glasses to you. This guy is so mysterious; in fact, you only know his alias (I think Mr. R stands for Mr. Rapist :lol:) and he runs an underground sex club called Club R (which I also think it stands for Club Rapist :lol:). And yeah, he gives out pomegranates which I suggest that you shouldn’t eat them because it’s the Forbidden Fruit of Lust and they are like drugs which give you wet dreams. Possibly the spawn of Satan…..

I don’t know what roles Takeshi Maeda voiced but I check on Wikipedia and I found out that he has less roles (with exception of Gotou) compared to the other casts.

Club R
BTW, in some endings, Mr. R gives a pomegranate which if you try it in Club R; you get something which really doesn’t work in reality and not related to the storyline itself (except one which doesn’t contain any pornographic content). Actually, most of them happen to be dreams which are disturbing but funny.

*Rinki no Raijitsu- Normal-Katsuya gets tentacle raped by a vine monster, hidden in the closet XD
*Rinban no Raijitsu- 1st Megane-KatsuyaXNormal-Katsuya scene
*Rusatta Raijitsu- You ate a spoiled fruit. Result: Megane-Katsuya whips a fat guy…WTF?! I’m not getting paid for whipping a fat guy! Better throw up now….
*Mimaku no Raijitsu- Mr. R gives you questions and all of you have to do is keep saying YES. And then, Mr. R gives a blowjob on Megane-Katsuya XD
*Yumaku no Raijitsu- Threesome with Honda, Mido and Normal-Katsuya. LOL. It’s actually a match between Honda and Mido to see who gives the best pleasure to Normal-Katsuya XD. The funniest part is that the threesome happens to be another of Katsuya’s wet dreams and when Honda tries to wake him up, Katsuya suddenly moans in his uke voice. And then, Honda and Mido have these WTF expressions on their faces XD
*Rioku no Raijitsu- lil’ Katsuya’s first meeting with Mr. R. In fact, this tells about the secret behind the glasses.
*Manonaka no Raijitsu- 2nd Megane-KatsuyaXNormal-Katsuya scene…..This time in the office
*Gaigo no Raijitsu- 3rd Megane-KatsuyaXNormal-Katsuya scene, plus whipped cream and dessert XD

I might be have another review of the fandisc, Kichiku Megane R. Just let me refresh my memory when the semester is over.