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SPRAY brought us another treat for KM fans and this is Kichiku Megane [a:r] or Kichiku Megane R. It was released last March 2009 and it is fandisc which contains a lot of treats which delights us for more KM. It is also a sequel to the first game in which it contains the AVG part. There’s also a typing game in it and desktop accessories which you can use to personalize your computer.


As mentioned, this is the sequel of the first game where in one year later or so, Katsuya (whether Megane or not) is visited by Mr. R again who gives him another pair of glasses. There are 21 endings including the story mode of the typing game. And if you complete certain endings, you can get a fruit. At the start of the AVG, Mr. R gives two choices whether you’ll be Megane or Normal. Later, you will also get to choose which partner you will take. There is also an R meter, which just like the Kichiku meter in the first game, increases whenever you use the new pair of glasses that Mr. R used.

GE- good ending

NE- neutral ending

BE- bad ending

In the start of the Megane routes, Katsuya is walking in the park and there, cherry blossoms are blooming. He is, of course, accompanied with his partner (Midou, Honda, Katagiri or Aki). While walking with whoever he’s with, he just realize that someone in is past came back to his life. Later, Mr. R offers Katsuya a new pair of glasses.

MeganeXMidou: Katsuya and Midou have their own company called Acquire Association. Sawamura arrives in to gather data on the new company or something business related. Katsuya somewhat has an identity crisis and is worried that Sawamura might meet Midou. Later, Sawamura kidnaps Midou and molests him. Katsuya is about to go on RAGE mode

GE- After hearing Midou’s words on not to succumb into his anger, Katsuya lets Sawamura go. He reminds him that he changed and sees the past as past. After Sawamura left, Katsuya forgives Midou for not being able to protect him which Midou accepts. Later on, the two make love in the office.

BE1- Katsuya rapes Sawamura but this somewhat ends his relationship with Midou. Midou doesn’t talk to him anymore because of what just happened. Sawamura calls Katsuya just to apologize but it turns out that Sawamura has a knife and stabs Katsuya to death. (This is the only ending that contains death)

NE1- After the incident in the hotel, Katsuya and Midou are about to make some love in the office until Fujita knocks on the door because he left his key which ruin the moment (Boo!). But still, the two can make some love somewhere else.

NE2- After the incident in the hotel, Katsuya and Midou had breakfast together. Katsuya quits smoking. The End. 😛

MeganeXHonda: Honda wants to end his relationship with Katsuya. Probable cause is that since Honda is training in Italy, Katsuya will continue his business in Japan and having a long-distance relationship doesn’t seem to be a good idea. Sawamura doesn’t have much impact in the relationship.

GE: Honda pushed Katsuya on the fountain. Katsuya kissed Honda when he’s about to hit him. The two fixed their relationship. Then, hot sex on the bath tub.

NE1: Katsuya found out that Honda received a fax threatening him to go back to Italy. Katsuya and Honda went on a boxing match on the fountain. LOL. But they’re still all right. Katsuya then, promises to Honda to come back home.

NE2 (this is actually an R ending): Katsuya uses the glasses that Mr. R gave to him. He accepts that the glasses gave him his true identity. Mr. R bows to him and kisses him. From what I understand here, Mr. R shifts his “power” to him or something. Then, Mr. R said, “My King”. So, Katsuya is the “King of the world” *evil laugh*

MeganeXKatagiri: Katsuya and Katagiri are still in Kichiku Division 8. Sawamura intends to have Katagiri join his company. The latter wants to end his relationship with Katsuya and I forgot what’s the reason. (If you want to find out, play the game yourself)

GE1: Katsuya proposes to Katagiri. They have sex in Katsuya’s apartment and then, the two enjoy watching cherry blossoms.

NE1: I actually forgot what happened here. No, there’s no proposal but the two did enjoy watching the cherry blossoms

MeganeXAki: This route is pretty much predictable. So, I’ll cut the story short. There are two endings: one is a good ending where Katsuya accepts Aki as his lover; two is a semi-bad ending where Katsuya brought Aki to Club R and makes him a you-know-what.

In the start of the Normal routes, Katsuya is sitting in the park with cherry blossoms blooming. He is waiting for someone (Midou, Honda or Taichi). Mr. R approaches to him and gives him the glasses again.

Midou X Normal: Katsuya is working with Midou in MGN. Honjo comes back from the US which put their relationship to the test. Honjo tells Katsuya to tell Midou that he wants to work with him but Katsuya refuses. Honjo kisses him in front of Midou and also calls him like a crazy stalker. Also, there is a competion between the product that Katsuya and Midou are working.

GE- Honjo attempts to run over Midou with his car but Katsuya takes the hit instead. He is taken to the hospital which worries Midou so much but luckily, he recovers. Lots of lovey-dovey moments.

BE1- Katsuya got amnesia after being hit by Honjo’s car. Midou was devastated and brings him home and locks him up (same way for what Megane did to Midou in the 1st game). Katsuya didn’t seem to mind it and he and Midou share their love together.

BE2- Katsuya uses glasses since he’s unable to compete with Midou. But he disappears. Midou tries to find him in the face of the earth but no luck. Then, he receives a DVD containing a sex video of Katsuya being raped by Mr. R. Midou goes in RAGE mode, breaks the screen and swears to take Katsuya back.

Honda X Normal: Honda and Katsuya are working with Matsuura together in a new project. Matsuura is angry at Honda for what he did in the past. Honda tries to settle his relationship with him. Katsuya has some emotional issues and also about his Megane counterpart. Later, Matsuura somewhat invited the two for a drink or something. But he ties them up both (Honda is tied up with his hands on the back and rope with a razor around his neck; Katsuya is tied down doggy position).

GE- Honda manages to stop Matsuura for what he is about to do. Their relationship is settled. Afterwards, the three got a group pic again just like the old times.

BE1- Matsuura rapes Katsuya in front of Honda. Afterwards, Honda blames himself for what had happened when Katsuya tells him not to let his anger get in the way.

BE2- Matsuura didn’t listen to them and before something bad happens, Katsuya uses the glasses. He somewhat beat up Matsuura. When Honda tries to take off his glasses, Megane tells him that it’s too late.

Taichi X Normal: Katsuya’s the manager of Taichi’s band (called Grab Your Luggage, a very lame band name IMO) which is a success (and probably might beat the Jonas Brothers, jk). Katsuya gets kidnapped by the Igarashi Yakuza group. Later, he find himself tied up in a BDSM way and face-to-face with Taichi’s grandpa

GE- Grandpa somewhat accept Taichi’s decision as a musician. Lots of lovey-dovey stuff between Katsuya and Taichi with smex. Katsuya and Taichi also reveal to Honda and Midou that Taichi’s from a yakuza family and that they are lovers.

BE1- Bad choices lead Katsuya to be raped by grandpa or the yakuza thug. Taichi goes in RAGE mode and kills his grandpa before his grandpa cut off his finger with his hidden knife and ruin his music career (don’t worry, Taichi, you can play Guitar Hero XD). Taichi hugs Katsuya, saying he is the only one that he has left.

BE2- Katsuya uses glasses in his abduction but disappears. Taichi tries to look for him and can’t find him. Later, he receives a DVD which contains a sex video of Katsuya being raped by Mr. R. Taichi laughs and cries because Katsuya did not die and swears that he will find him which is impossible.


Noritsuga Sawamura aka EVIL CHILDHOOD FRIEND FROM HELL (Seiyuu: Daisuke Kishio)

Katsuya’s childhood friend who betrayed him in the first place and indirectly responsible for his wussy side. He is only appears in the Megane routes. I bet if he appears in the Normal routes, poor Katsuya will get raped. Anyway, this guy is turd and he works in the survey department of a company called Crystal trust. But this guy is a turd and he still acts a turd.

Daisuke Kishio is known for his roles as Kaname Kuran in Vampire Knight and Shinobu Takatsuki in Junjou Romantica

Hideaki Matsuura aka RAMPAGE aka GAR (Seiyuu: Yuuichi Nakamura)

Honda’s and Katsuya’s volleyball teammate during their university days. He now works in the Ise Island whatever company and he has a grudge on Honda for not making the volleyball team in the professional. The guy has real anger management issues and wants Honda to pay for what he did before. He only appears in the MeganeXHonda route in the 1st game and in the HondaXNormal route in KMR.

He did appear in the first game with a character design but no voice actor.

Now he is voiced by Yuuichi Nakamura, known for his roles for Alto Saotome in Macross Frontier and Graham Aker AKA Mr. Bushido in Mobile Suit Gundam 00.


He is Midou’s college friend and rival. When he and Midou are competing against each other for a high position in MGN, Honjo lost and went to the US. Few years later, he returns which put Midou and Normal’s relationship into the test. Actually, the guy is a douche to the highest level. How dare he try to run over my fabulous Midou with his car?!?! DOUCHE!!!!!

He only appears in the MidouXNormal route.

I don’t what known roles Jin Domon played but he is Hirakawa’s castmate in Gankutsuou (Mahiro Maeda’s version of The Count of Monte Cristo)

Fujita aka TAG-ALONG GUY (Seiyuu: Atsushi Abe)

He is Midou’s assitant in MGN (in the MeganeXMidou route, he is working under him and Katsuya). He is a genki guy but not a clueless one. BTW, he is also in the first game but no character design and voice actor. But he also appeared in the manga version of MeganeXMidou route.

Atsushi Abe is known for his roles as Akiyuki Takehara in Xam’d Lost Memories and Toma Kamijo in To Aru Majutsu no Index/Railgun. He is also known for playing as the uke progatonist, Asuka, in SPRAY’s latest game, STEAL!

Kichiku Fairy aka LIL’ BUGGER or LIL’ R (Seiyuu: Takeshi Maeda)

He is Mr. R’s loyal and humble servant (He calls him “R-sama~~~!”). He has verbal tics such as “kihihihi~” I mean, “kekekeke!” (No, he doesn’t sound like a Zergling). He is in a Goth rocker-type of clothing with devil wings and carries a scythe. He also provides instructions during the typing game. He also appeared in some omakes and doesn’t appear in the main storyline. (Unless, you believe in magic) And oh yeah, whenever Taichi tries to take off Katsuya’s glasses or wants to fondle him, Kichiku Fairy uses his magic LOL Taichi’s no match against magic. Unless, you believe in it.

BTW, Mr. R’s seiyuu is his seiyuu. So, you realize that they both sound alike.

Typing Game

It’s actually a stripping game but in order to strip the character, you must type the words correctly within the time limit. The words are in romaji and what’s annoying that the romaji sentences are long with no spaces and it can really frustrate you. BTW, if you mistype a letter, Megane will get pissed (just like Hangaroo, if you’re familiar with that game) and will say, “Idiot” or “Tch!” etc. And every time you type the word correct, the guy you’re stripping will moan, say “Stop it” or swear. The typing game has two types: Story mode and Challenge mode.

Story mode

After a hard day’s work, you encounter a fairy (no, not the kind of fairy you see in those fairy tales). I’m referring to the punk-goth type of fairy called the Kichiku Fairy. Actually, he may be annoying (yeah, you can squish the little guy with your hand) but he’s cute and funny.

Anyway, he offers you a challenge which is a typing game.
Stage 1: Aki

1st round: Pants only

2nd round: Pink panties! WOOOOOOOO, girly panties

3rd round: Catboy

Stage 2: Katagiri

1st round: Shirt unbuttoned. Jacket off

2nd round: Pants only. Belt unbuckled

3rd round: White brief

Stage 3: Taichi- Actually, since he hates Megane!Katsuya, he refuses to be trained. There’s even an attempt to take off his glasses

1st round: Orange overshirt off.

2nd round: Pants only

3rd round: boxers with a design of every country’s flag! I see Canada, I see Brazil I see Taichi’s underpants~

Stage 4: HondaActually, he thought that he’s going to have a match. LOL

1st round: Shirt unbuttoned. Jacket off

2nd round: Pants only

3rd round: Black briefs

Stage 5: MidouActually, I enjoy stripping him. *evil laugh*

1st round: Jacket and vest off

2nd round: Shirt unbuttoned

3rd round: Purple briefs with some french words on it! Sacre bleu!

Stage 6: Katsuya (Normal) – He’s actually surprised. “HUH!?! ORE!??”

1st round: Shirt unbuttoned. Jacket off.

2nd round: Pants only

3rd round: Black briefs

Stage 7: Mr. R

1st round: Black cloack off

2nd round: He’s naked!!!!!!!!!!!

3rd round: Naked and messed up!!!!!!!!

After finishing all rounds, you get a fruit. BTW, I don’t know what the brief sizes are since I’m a girl and I don’t bother much on my brother’s underwear. But I do notice that Normal’s briefs are shorter than the rest and I’m sure they are not Speedos (or are they? XD)

Challenge mode

This is the fun part but there are certain circumstances in which you can get a fruit here.

There are time-out questions (in red) which will appear randomly. Mistype a letter; you’ll never get a chance to strip the character. I’m a bit annoyed on the long sentences most especially it concern Mr. R. Mr. R, please stop posing as Michelangelo’s David, you are a disgrace to his work.


Like in the first game, there are some conditions in which you must get the fruit. You may get the fruit in the AVG part and in typing game.

Houetsu no Rajitsu- This is a trivia quiz and you must get the correct answer. After getting all the correct answers, Mr. R gives access to the fruit and voila, Megane X Normal with Mr. R’s assistance.

Choukno no Rajitsu- Kichiku fairy gets picked on by Megane. Mr. R comes in and makes him grow into human size. Except that, this is the perfect chance for Megane and Mr. R to rape him.

Gnukusai no Rajitsu- A foursome on Normal-Katsuya (Taichi’s in it too this time)

Gousei no Rajitsu- KatsuyaXMr. R

Rantai no Rajitsu- Megane X Normal scene- job interview style

Rnouen no Rajitsu- Another orgy plus Normal in it. It’s just a pic but if you can click any of the character so you can hear him moan.

Bonno no Rajitsu- Wedding of Megane and Normal. Woohoo!!!

Hanei no Rajitsu- Continuation of Megane and Normal’s honeymoon. Normal wakes up and realizes that it’s just a dream….but it’s not….Megane is there and Normal vaguely remembers what just happened where he says to his honey “I love you~!” and the response, “I love you, darling”. Then, back to “reality”, Normal goes WTF?!!?!?!? Oh, it seems there’s a 4th wall breaking.

Desktop accessories

The fandisc also include desktop mascot where in you can dress them in suit, in casual clothes etc. Some characters can even cosplay like adding devil wings, cat or rabbit ears etc. Plus, you can even let some characters wear glasses.

The wallpapers are cool which featured a chibi version of each character. But the most awesome wallpaper is the KMR promotional picture itself (I’m referring to one where the KM cast are in black suits except Mr. R who is always in black).

The screensavers are cool. There are actually three.

The first one features the characters and their personal info such as name, age, blood type, and birthday (I doubt Mr. R as such information). The KMR characters are not included.

The second one features the chibi version of the characters. Some of the characters are running and walking on the road except Megane who takes small steps, stops and smokes.
-Normal-Katsuya has a toast in his mouth and a bottle of beer or milk in the hands. He is running as if “OMG! I’m late! I’m late”.
-Midou is holding a folder and walking with bishie sparkles (no, he’s not sparkling like Edward Cullen)
-Honda, with bishie sparkles too, is holding a volley ball and chasing another volley ball. He’s like “WOOOOOOHHHHHH!!! Let’s play BALL!!!”
-Katagir is running with his pet birds. One bird is flying ahead of him. He’s like “Lalalala~” as if running in the garden
-Taichi has a guitar on his shoulder and he’s running as if “Whew! I’m just go to the concert!”
-Aki is in his cat gear, running.
-Mr. R is holding a pomegranate. He walks a little and suddenly sparkles and disappears into thin air. Hey, he might be a sparkling vampire!
-Megane-Katsuya as mentioned, walks a little and smokes.

The third is a slideshow featuring all the cool pics which some are from the KM fanbook though the last one is the KMR promo pic itself.

Now, I’m waiting for the Hadaka Shitsuji release.