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Asides from Durarara!!, I’m currently watching Senkou no Night Raid. From what I’ve seen in the synopsis, Japanese spies, with supernatural powers, are sent by the government to Shanghai with various missions. By the looks of it, it’s mixed with political and historical treatment which can be controversial to mainland China.

Anyway, this is the show that I like since it’s a spy action. Also, it’s like Darker than Black set in the 1930’s.

Now for the characters.

-> Kazura Iha, Aoi Miyoshi, Yukina Sonogi and Natsume Kagiya

Aoi has the power to telekinesis, where he can deflect bullets and throw people off. He’s more of a happy-go-lucky guy. His voice actor is Hiroyuki Yoshino (Allelujah from Gundam 00, Kai from Blood+) and really, the way he speaks Chinese is….well, weird and yet funny.

Kazura can teleport but he can only use if necessary. He’s a more serious type and he’s cute. I mean, srsly, look at his profile. His voice actor is Daisuke Namikawa (Italy from Hetalia, Fay from Tsubasa Chronicle). Yeah, when I heard him I didn’t expect Namikawa to voice such a serious character (or maybe I just watch too much Hetalia). Oh, and when he also speaks Chinese, it’s as horrid as Yoshino.

Natsume has the power of clairvoyance. He’s the quiet type and he can snipe. His voice actor is Takanori Hoshino (Van from Gun X Sword)

And Yukina had the power of telepathy which is useful for scouting and extracting information. I hope that she’s not annoying considering that her power is very useful. Her voice actor is a newbie and this might be her first anime role.

My only complaint is the 2 main character’s speaking in Chinese. It sounds weird considering that the rest of the Chinese characters are voiced by real Mandarin speakers. Idk, it sounds a little off.

The music is really nice which fits the scenes and the character design is cool (most especially, Kazura, though I maybe be biased)

Anyway, I’m going to watch this. Though it may have some controversial elements (Japanese=good guys, Chinese=bad guys?), it’s worth a watch for those who like espionage and action.

I can’t wait to see more Kazura