Since I mentioned that Senkou no Night Raid can controversial since the setting is set on 1930’s (before World War II), I’ll just put a little background on China and Japan in that year before the war.

In fact, the four protagonists are there in Shanghai just to help the Imperial Japanese Kwantung Army, a.k.a. the Kantougun (in Japanese) / Guandong Army (in Chinese), to prepare for the invasion of the region. The protagonists’ organization is Sakurai Kikan, headed by Shinichiro Sakurai, who is also a member of the Imperial Army.

You’ll also realize that the Kwantung Army committed war crimes (such as mass killing, torture of POWs and comfort women) during WWII and that after the war, most of the generals are sentenced to death.

Other events which the series might show are the Mukden Incident and Nanking Massacre.

I don’t know if the staff will handle the issues which can spark a controversy on the Japanese war crimes (there are some Japanese officials who deny it), considering that there’s a controversy regarding Japanese history text books. IMO, I don’t see this as a black propaganda against China or any country who were under Japan during WWII but I’m pretty sure that the series might be banned in China since the possibility that the show will feature such events before and during WWII.

For the characters, I don’t know if either of them are Imperial loyalists

  • Aoi- From what I’ve seen in the 2nd episode, he seems to have romantic feelings to a female violist who later died. I guess she is the one who taught him how to play the violin
  • Kazura- Turns out that he is part of the Imperial Army due to his grandmother’s upbringing to join. the military His father is also probably an Imperial Army general.
  • Natsume- Looks like that he’s somewhat a bodyguard or close family friend to Yukina since in the 1st episode, he calls her “ojou”.
  • Yukina- it seems that she’s from a noble family. Her brother is a soldier too and is currently missing.

So far, some people are dropping this series since some find the story and characters boring or find it to hot to handle due to Japan’s role in WWII.

Well, at least, Hollywood managed to handle the Nazis.

I just hope that A1 Pictures will make something that can make the rest of the episodes interesting and not too generic.

And this series makes me want to watch those WWII movies again.

If you’re interested in watching a movie about WWII (which is not always about Nazis), I suggest Letters From Iwo Jima.  In fact, it stars in Ken Watanabe (from The Last Samurai) and Kazunari Ninomiya (one of the members of the J-Pop boy band, Arashi).