Spoiler for epi 3:
From what I’ve understand based on my rusty Japanese skills, the enemy has something to do with Yukina’s brother. In fact, this guy has the same powers as Kazura

And Yukina seems to hold dearly on that pen which is given by her brother.

Kazura looks awesome when he uses his ability (he even teleported into the sea) and Aoi, very wise to use chewing gum but your Chinese is still horrible and funny.

Kazura is in RAGE because he wants subs

On second though, that guy with the hat (the one who accompanies Sakurai and has no speaking role in the last two episodes) erased that little Chinese girl’s memory on what just happened. He reminds me of the Haitian from Heroes though but I don’t know he can also negate powers.

Now onto the episode, this is action-packed and srsly, this really need to be subbed. And by the looks of it, everyone who is currently watching the series is in RAGE for subs.

Where are the fucking subs!?!?!?!?!