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Episode 2:

Aoi: “We just only met 2 days ago” LOL

Now on the story, Sakurai asked the group to investigate on the Jewish-Russian violinist, who was exiled during the Russian Revolution and was suspected by the Kwantung Army as a spy. Actually, he was forced to become a spy by the Germans (?) just to protect his family since they’re Jews and at that time, Hitler is preparing for his rise of power, Well, at the end, the violinist killed himself because he failed to pass the information.

Anyway, it seems that the violinist seems to have powers which is like transferring information via music which will can be heard by radio waves.

On back to the characters:

For Aoi, well, as mentioned in my previous posts, his girlfriend died and it seems that he didn’t mastered the violin yet.

Yukina’s brother (Isao), who is part of the Kwantung Army, disappeared and when the news was received by his father (who had a weak heart), the latter died and Yukina vows herself to Natsume to find her brother and see what he is up to.

For Kazura, he was pulled out from the army because he was hired by Sakurai, who knows his powers. In fact, his grandmother expect him to be righteous since he belongs to a clan of samurais. Guessed it pretty explains why he doesn’t use his powers recklessly unless it is a must.

For Natsume, well, I guess his story will be tied to Yukina since he’s been with her family for sometime.

As for Fuuran, I guess she’s just there for comedic relief.

For episode 3, it’s already mentioned in my previous posts.

And for additional note, Isao’s group is now the enemy of Sakurai Kitan. And now, Yukina begins to doubt what kind of person her brother is.

Next episode:

Buns, cats and …..Kazura?