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I’m putting Hakuouki on hold since I’m a bit busy for summer classes. So, I’m watching two Spring animes: House of Five Leaves and Senkou no Night Raid. I’m still watching Durarara!! and waiting for Darker than Black II Gaiden OVA (which will be released this month, I think). And I’m also watching an 2006 anime, Ergo Proxy.

So, my impressions….

  • House of Five Leaves- When I first watched this, I was a bit off by the art. But then, when I’ve read Divine’s review on the 1st episode, I kinda got interested in the story. It’s about a wimpy ronin (though he’s very skillful but wimpy) who got hired by a man who turns out to be the leader of bandits called "Five Leaves". Let’s just say the group is less like Robin Hood or more of Ocean’s Eleven. It’s based from the manga. 
  • Senkou no Night Raid- it’s like Darker than Black / Ghost in the Shell / James Bond story set in 1930’s. The character design is good and action sequence is good. The OP animation is great and ED song is sweet. But, at first, it’s perceived to be controversial (You know, 1930’s before WWII and at that period, Japan is set to prepare an invasion on China, plus, other notable pre-war and controversial events might show up later in the anime). Still, so far, those events have not show up yet. Kinda odd that it’s not yet banned in mainland China. Oh wait, at the end of every episode, there’s a disclaimer.

As for Durarara!!, we’re getting more into Anri’s past and more awesomeness from Shizuo and Celty. ‘Nuff said.

And for my impression on Ergo Proxy, well, it’s like a mixture of Ghost in the Shell, Witch Hunter Robin and Evangelion. Oh, and it’s also like that Will Smith movie, I, Robot. The female lead, Re-l Mayer, looks like Amy Lee from Evanescence (The cover of Evanescence’s first album is similar to Re-l’s appearance). The male lead, Vincent Law, is at first, a ……………wuss but later, he turns out to be badass.  His story reminds me of Saya from Blood+. Well, I put it on hold for a while just to finish the two Spring animes.