Episode 6 is now taking the plot seriously as we get to see Yukina’s brother, Isao, who seems to have ulterior motives with regards to Asian countries trying to stand up against their Western colonizers.

By the looks of it, Isao may have something to do with the Mukden Incident. So, this is more of a simple “Bad Japanese vs. Good Japanese”. In fact, Isao kidnaps Aoi and lets him listen to the Asian delegates’ meeting regarding their plan to unify Asia as one. More likely, he wants Aoi to see that history is moving in gears which will lead to events such as the Mukden Incident and later, the 2nd Sino-Japanese war.

Enough history talk, let’s go to the action. One of Isao’s subordinates (who is the teleporting dude in episode 3) is back and holds off Kazura, Natsume and Yukina. I really like the fight of Kazura and Natsume vs. Isao’s lanky.

And now, the biggest mystery is that the girl in Aoi’s past turns out to be alive. And it seems that she will indeed play a key role in this story.

I forgot to mention that there’s also English dialogue here and it used by those Asian delegates. There’s this Indian delegate whose English sounds to fluent, considering that his country is under British control at that time. But other delegates’ Engrish makes me LOL most especially Isao’s ENGRISH. BTW, he’s voiced by Hirata Hiroaki (Sanji of One Piece).

Just like what I mentioned in my previous post, episode 7 will be streamed online instead since the said episode contains the Mukden Incident. Filling in on the TV time slot will be a recap episode on what has happened so far, told from the point of view of a key character to the story. I guess this key character is that girl from Aoi’s past.

Oh and it’s a good thing that there’s English dialogue here (despite that it sounds bad). Otherwise, I’ll not get to understand much considering that the subs are released inconsistently.