Episode 7 of Senkou no Night Raid will not be broadcast on TV. Instead, it will be streamed via internet. The reason: the said episode will present the controversial Mukden Incident in Japanese POV.


A little backstory on the Mukden Incident:
Japan’s railway was sabotaged on September 18, 1931, near Mukden (now Shenyang) in southern Manchuria. The Japanese Imperial Army blamed the Chinese for it (not all of them) and this led to the invasion of Manchuria which sets the 2nd Sino-Japanese War and then, World War II. But post-war research revealed that the Japanese imperialists are responsible for the incident. The imperialists in questions may or may not have acted upon the orders of the higher-up (includes the Emperor Hirohito). Until now, the incident remains debatable among historians.

For more info on the Mukden Incident: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mukden_Incident

Guess this is the reason why staff don’t want to broadcast since this incident is a delicate subject which can spark a protest among the Chinese. You all know that Japan and China still have uneasy issues with regards to WWII.

But I’m interested on how the staff will portray this. I just hope that it’s not purely Japanese propaganda. Though considering anime’s story of Sakurai Kitan and their enemies, I just want to see if Isao or Sakurai Kitan have anything to do with that incident.