Episode 5 subbed is out after a week.

Anyway, the story tells about Kazura searching for his long-lost childhood friend, Nishio, who turns out to be a spy for the Communists.

And in fact, the KMT (who are now in Taiwan.) are after Nishio. Kazura gets entangled in their investigation and gets beaten up badly.

After being released thanks to Sakurai’s information on a weapons smuggling trade with the Communists (in which Nishio has something to do with it), Kazura meets Nishio’s lover and the two briefly talked about him.

During the weapons smuggling, Nishio escaped and crossed paths with Kazura, who informs him that his girlfriend is waiting for him. But Nishio shrugs it off and then later, he got assassinated.

My thoughts on this: well, asides from Kazura, getting tortured which I enjoyed,  he also speaks butchered German and Chinese (while being beaten up). Plus, this episode is forcing me to remember my Asian history again.