Did she contribute something to our world history?

I watch the recap episode while waiting for the real episode 7 to be streamed online.

Anyway, I enjoyed it and it’s not like the usual cut-and-paste recap episode that most animes featured.

So, on the recap. They show new scenes (which might be featured on the DVD later on) and explain more on the main characters’ pasts. Plus, Isao and the other delegates from episode 6 speak Japanese.

They blew it

Now on the credits, Aoi’s lover (who is believed to be dead) shows up in front of the Japanese officials. And she may or may not have something to do with the Mukden Incident. And it turns out that the Japanese officials are the ones responsible for blowing up the railway

Whoa, I never expect that the anime’s staff will feature this, making Japan responsible for their actions in the past. Though the disclaimer which is featured in every episode stated that the story is purely fiction. But I have to wait for episode 7 to be streamed if this adds up.