I finally got the chance to watch the streamed version of episode 7, thanks to tsubasalover of MAL.

Real history starts here

Anyway, the episode starts with the Japanese debating on the Manchuria region if it will be part of the Japanese empire or China.

Prominent Japanese historical officials are present in this episode such as:
*Yoshitsugu Tatekawa
*Seishirou Itagaki
*Kanji Ishiwara

And these three are involved in the Mukden Incident as stated by research.

I’ll not go into details of this episode yet until the subs are out since there are lot of historical talk here which I need to research on.

But the most prominent figure who appeared here is Aoi’s lover who the Japanese officials believe that she’s a prophet of some sort. Turns out that she didn’t actually influence the officials to bomb the railway. Rather, she wants them to rethink the decision about this.

History sets in motion

Eventually, they did it and the reporters who are covering on the details of this decided to report that the Chinese are responsible for the incident. Hence, the rest is history.

BTW, Aoi and the gang are not present in this episode. But they will show up in the next episode and I like to see what will be their roles after this incident.

Enough of the history talk…

Now, I give the previews of the PVs of “Yakusoku” by MUCC and “Mirai e..” by Himeka which are the OP and ED of the anime, respectively.