Episode 6 subbed is out.

Anyway, after watching episode 6 and 7, I realize that Isao is more of an idealist here, having his own stance of Pan-Asianism. Plus, he’s has nothing to do with the Mukden Incident but I guess he will count as the “good guy” or anti-villian in this story. Of course, in our world history, it somewhat fail but its influence is still carried out. In fact, Isao is willing to betray his own country. So, I guess he doesn’t count as an Imperialist.

Enough of his idealism….

It’s indeed action-packed between Isao’s goon vs. Kazura and Natsume. I don’t know if Sakurai Kitan is pro-Imperialist or not since Aoi doesn’t seem to agree on Japan, taking in charge of China. But I guess in the upcoming episodes, we will see if Aoi or any of his teammates will either support the Japanese empire or go against it.

BTW, it would’ve been better if the seiyuus should practice more on their English.

Some historical facts mentioned in this episode: