If only the subs were out consistently, then those who dropped this anime are really going to miss this. But I guess you really need to have background on the events during the 1930’s in order to understand what’s going on here. But if you’re not into history, I suggest you better not watch otherwise, you’ll be grumbling on why the show is too boring.

Anyway, since episode 7, the story is moving into something bigger. Why? We got a possible nuclear threat, a long lost girlfriend and some fanservice for the ladies (and gays and yaoi fangirls). Besides the fact that the real story is just starting, I can’t help but go gaga over Kazura in his new outfit and his body

Damn, his outfit reminds me of some Hollywood star. But then, his outfit reminds me of Rorschach of Watchmen, except Rorschach is ugly when his “face” is removed (don’t know about his live-action counterpart).

Ok, I’m expecting a lot of doujinshi of him. Why? That scene is where the male members of the team (including Mr. Sakurai and his mute bodyguard) are, taking a bath.
Soldier outfit. I’m just glad it’s not a Nazi uniform but then, he could be the next Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt. Anyway, it suits him since he used to be in the army.
Fangirling aside, here’s the cheesy part:
This reminds me of Titanic and Armageddon. Why? While I was watching this, my neighbor was playing Celine Dion’s song, “My Heart Will Go On” and then, she plays Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing”. In fact, those two songs really fit Aoi and Shizune (which is probably her name since Aoi mentioned “Shizune” when he saw her on the train)
“Near, far, wherever you are
I believe that the heart does go on
Once more you open the door
And you’re here in my heart
And my heart will go on and on”

“I don’t wanna close my eyes
I don’t wanna fall asleep
‘Cause I’d miss you, babe
And I don’t wanna miss a thing
‘Cause even when I dream of you
The sweetest dream will never do
I’d still miss you, babe
And I don’t wanna miss a thing”

LOL, I really want to make an AMV out of it once the series is finished.

Oh, there’s bad Engrish here again. This time spoken by a British guy who doesn’t sound like a British guy. He sounds too “American”. Is that what British should sound like? Man, they better watch more James Bond movies.

Plus, Isao lets him show that he has a “weapons of mass destruction”. Srsly, man, I bet you didn’t realize that a few years later, your country got two big nukes right on their doorstep. I bet Kim Jong-Il will be proud of you.