I got a chance to watch 2008 Jdrama, Maou, which stars Satoshi Ohno of the Jpop boyband, Arashi and Toma Ikuta. It’s basically a remake of a Kdrama, Ma Wang.

Anyway, the story is about Ryo Naruse (Ohno) who is dubbed as the "Angelic Lawyer" because he defends the weak and poor. But behind that, he’s actually a "devil" who wants revenge on those who cause his younger brother’s death. The culprit who killed the brother is Naoto Serizawa (Toma Ikuta), who is a hotblooded detective but keeps his past hidden in the dark. When his father’s lawyer is murdered, Naoto’s life began to change as everyone close to him ends up dead and his past began to resurface.

BTW, the theme song is "Truth" by Arashi. The song is very close to the drama in which it has a dark feel. Plus, the PV of the song is great where the boys did a cool dance number. Hehe…Ohno looks so evil in this drama.

What’s interesting is that Naruse reminds me of Lelouch and Light since he manipulates people and uses a lot of tactics hide his tracks. While Serizawa just remind me of a lot of detective-like characters who are driven to find the culprit, not initially realizing that they have dark secrets in the past.

It’s not like Death Note since Naruse wants revenge on a personal gain. He’s not interested in power or career. He wants Serizawa to pay for his crimes by letting him experience the pain of losing the people closed to him.

BTW, there’s also a girl with psychometric powers named Shiori who is good friends with Naruse and Serizawa. But, so far, I wasn’t expecting any romance between her and Naruse or her and Serizawa. Reason is that Serizawa goes to Shiori to "read" on the evidence while Naruse becomes soft whenever he’s with her and only wants to be in the company of her.

I’m not yet done with the series so I don’t know what the ending will be. But I did spoil myself on what happened between Serizawa and Naruse.