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That’s right, Isao let his sister catch a glimpse that an atomic bomb will fall on Japan. I was wondering how does he know about atomic bombs. But I have a theory that when he and his troops went AWOL in Manchuria, he meet some kind of prophet and learn that there will be a world war and a weapons of mass destruction.

Guess it explains the reason why he told the Asian delegates to join his cause and even show the Lytton committee what the WMD can do. But if the staff will follow history here, Isao’s efforts will be in vain.

Now on Aoi’s side, his only focus is to save his girlfriend, Shizune. He even use his powers against Kazura so that he could save her. In fact, he’s willing to do everything for her instead of his own country.

But the consequences is that he might get a punishment from Sakurai himself, who is deeply disappointment of his actions. I could say that Sakurai is more of sturdy authority figure who doesn’t seem to care of personal lives and carries the motif “honor before reason”. I guess the old boss is like those other Japanese officials who would anything for the empire.

Anyway, next episode:

Flame on! Jk, but yeah. He might an exploding man