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From what I’ve read in this blog (http://psgels.blogsome.com/2010/06/0…night-raid-10/), I guess a lot of people are starting to lose their interest and patience on Senkou no Night Raid. I even see that most people are dropping this series just because the subs aren’t released yet for the past 2 weeks and that they didn’t get a chance to see the real story which will start in episode 7.

Anyway, if episode 7 (the streamed one, that is) will be released, I guess the viewers will change their minds and find that it is not just a series with random superpowers and slow pacing (along with Japanese characters speaking Chinese horribly). But some people (most especially Chinese viewers) would rather not watch it since it touched a delicate history subject which should be forgotten.

I’m a bit annoyed on those who said that those who watched are those who are ignorant to the events that had happen in East Asia before and during WWII and that most viewers are Westerners.

Well, excuse me, I’m from a country in SE Asia which used to be under the Japanese occupation during WWII. And in fact, I don’t like what they did to my country such as the Bataan Death March, the massacre in Palawan and in De La Salle University and the comfort women. Heck, when former PM Shinzo Abe denied about the issue on comfort women, we are angry at that response.

But still, I’m watching this series because it’s espionage and moe-less even though they did put the superpowers thing which reminded me of Darker than Black. And I want to see if this is Japanese propaganda or not. Besides I really don’t like Japanese historical revisionism and post-war imperialists.