Meh, all this history talk spoken in Japanese will bore if you don’t understand and that your understanding is 20%-30%.

Anyway, I don’t care. I really want to see how our Fantastic Four (aka Sakurai Kikan) will play on this now that the story is foreshadowing WWII. (Hmm, I thought they will cover the 2nd Sino-Japanese War which also leads to WWII).

Onto the episode 10, Yukina wants to show the vision to Aoi and Kazura. But she hesitates.

Later, Aoi shows Yukina a nice nighttime view of the city. Kazura and Natsume also join in to see the view. Aww, nice to see the four friends together. (I’ll call them the Fantastic Four even though their powers are not the same as the Fantastic Four)

After that, Yukina showed the atomic bomb which shocked the three men.

“Join me, Kazura and together we will ascend” (BTW, I have no intention to make Isao as Kane of C&C. Just imagine him as a bald guy with a beard)

BTW, I Loled when Kazura is speaking Engrish. And the ones he’s following speak like the ones in the Mafia. Then, Kazura beat up the Mafia boys. But Isao arrives and made Kazura unconscious just like what he did to Aoi in episode 6.

This is the book of Isao Kane all right whatever, the book of Rudyard Kipling’s “The Ballad of East and West”

And then Isao showed him a factory (idk what kind of factory, probably making bombs). Then, he presents to him the Paris Peace Conference of 1919. He also told him his ideal regarding “East is East and West is West” and predicts that there will be WWII.

When they went to Aoi and co, Aoi use his powers to throw off Isao and Natsume blast the drums with a sniper rifle, creating a ring of fire which surrounds Isao.

Damn, why now?

Aoi tells Kazura to run but Kazura is conflicted with Isao had said and what Ishiwara (the RL historical figure who started the Mukden Incident) said in his speech before.

He who controls the past, commands the future… he who commands the future conquers the past.

So he saves Isao instead and teleports away which made Aoi very very very pissed and angry.

He dumped me over that douchebag?!?!?

Well, I can’t blame Kazura since he’s from a military background and he’s mind conditioned to serve the army by the age of 7.

3 episodes left. I had a feeling that someone will die and that history will go on. I hope the other active fansub groups can hurry up with the rest of the episodes so that, I can get a better understanding of the story instead of relying too much on blog reviews and my rusty Japanese skills.