As I said, I’ll see this through the end.


So, I rather play some games in Facebook.

This Chinese farmer is teaching him on how to play Farmville before Facebook gets banned in China

Screw that, Isao tells Kazura that war between Japan and US is imminent. So, he is aware that someone outside the group knows his plans and then, he and his men destroy any evidence and get their WMD.

Aoi and Natsume infiltrates his lair. Natsume’s clairvoyant powers are featured more here which is cool. Hey, when did Isao get filthy rich? That’s right, he’s from a noble family and plays Farmville.

Aoi is surprised that his fiancee, Shizune, is with Isao. Because, Shizune changed her status into single. Kazura lets Isao and Shizune escape and tells that he joins Isao just for having more friends in his Facebook profile for the future of Japan and Asia.

Hey, don’t forget to add me on Facebook. Oh and Stan Kazura, poke your grandmother

But he lets Aoi and Natsume after the bomb exploded.

So, Kazura, Shizune and Isao landed on the airfield after escaping. But someone else is there…

Huh? Why did I got this anonymous friend request?

Don’t worry, part 2 will be all about Farmville, I think.

Why the Facebook references? Blame South Park.