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With one episode left, things turn out into a bigger scale as Aoi, Natsume and Yukina realize that Sakurai went AWOL..

Turns out the bastard is in league with Isao and they plan to threaten the Western countries that they will nuke an atomic bomb in Shanghai. Well, it’s Isao’s idea that he wants to do it for peace. This idea is similar to what the US did in the last year of WWII to Japan. In history, after Germany surrendered and Japan as the only Axis power remaining since they refuse to surrender, the Allies had to resort to one option which is dropping an atomic bomb.. Of course, the US dropped two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and this led to Japan’s surrender.

He’s actually forcing her to cosplay

But in this series, the WMD remains incomplete and Isao has to let Shizune show the creation of the atomic bomb to everyone in Puyi’s inauguration. Actually, I don’t know what Shizune is doing in the pillar because it shows that she’s meditating or something. So, about his idea of nuking Shanghai might be an illusion. I don’t know what will be the end result but if we follow history, Isao will fail and will probably be executed by the Empire of Japan itself.

Enough history lesson, now for the some Facebook moments….

Aoi: Hey, you’re that girl who invited me to Facebook!
Fuu Lan: Hey, you’re that guy who posted on the Wall which says, “I’m single because my fiancee and my boyfriend dump me for douchebag McGee!”
Anyway, Aoi once again meets Fuu Lan and lol for the Chinese again. And to add the funny moment, Aoi plays the violin again which irritates everybody except Yukina.
Hey, why is she amazed?

Well, at least, Aoi’s violin skills is not as horrid as those vuvuzelas in the World Cup. Other than that…

Natsume is playing Farmville before he dies and before Facebook gets ban in China

And then, Aoi, Yukina, Natsume and Fuu Lan get a group picture. Aoi promises to Fuu Lan that he’ll get Kazura’s picture so he can add it in the group picture. Too bad photoshop doesn’t exist in 1930’s because in case Kazura dies (which I think he will), Aoi can do photoshop. LOL

Having a group picture taken is a sign that someone will die.

Well, I hope the subs will be out on time before this series ends with a flash. Expect that there will be multiple releases this week or next week.

And for one last round…