Well, I watched the last episode and I had to say that it’s quite satisfying…at least.

Natsume dies

His death was quick and yet, Yukina (despite using her abilities) didn’t know that he’s dead.

The REAL asshole. He does look like that guy from Indiana Jones (Raiders of the Lost Ark)

Don’t worry, Sakurai got his memories erased. So, he’s no longer a threat.

Isao dies too quickly. No last words from him.

Well, he did one last heroic act which is to shield his sister from Sakurai’s shot.

And this is when things started to go WTF.

Shizune plays the violin one last time before she gets her memories erased

Actually, it’s sad. Just as she’s about to be reunited with Aoi, she’s going down.

But most importantly…

Bro-hood! Yes, Aoi and Kazura are finally bros. If only this would be a bro-fist.

Kazura did get out of the plane after he and Aoi manage to send the WMD away to the ocean. But wait….where’s Aoi?


So, is he dead?

Then, 2 years later.

Awww~ Now Kazura’s in it. Looks like Aoi (who is alive after all) did kept his promise. So photoshop existed in the 1930’s

Anyway, it looks like a happy ending except that….

Soldiers marching means that time will come that the war will start soon

And the rest is history.

So, it’s over. Finished. But it’s meh because there are still some unanswered questions:
*What happened to Shizune after her memories are erased?
*WHAT HAPPENED TO KAZURA?!? WHERE DID HE GO?!?! Srsly, did he continued being a soldier or did stay in Shanghai? WTF happened to him?!!?!?!
*And most importantly, where did the superpowers came from?!

I wished this anime would have 25/26 episodes instead so it would be more interesting. But of course, due to budget cuts, they have no choice.

I’ll post my review of this afterwards.