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It’s English title is “The Ending Chronicle“. It’s a light novel written by Minoru Kawakami and it’s illustrated by Satoyasu. Actually, there is NO English translation of this. But I’ve heard that there’s a drama CD version of it. And so far, no manga and anime version of it yet.

I tried to find info about this but there’s no avail. All I know is that the light novel that has 1000 pages (I saw the pic of the book and it is a size of a telephone book). I asked my Japanese friend to translate or tell me about it. But he’s having a hard time trying to translate it into English.

Anyway, he did try his best to tell me about the story and characters and gave me pics of it on Facebook. From what he understand from the story is that there are worlds and he said that the characters are traveling in these world for something. I don’t know. But that’s he understood from the synopsis in the wikipedia article. I’m guessing that the story is complicated.

I also ask Su Wern and she finds it interesting too. What she understand from the wikipedia article is that it is a complicated story which revolves around war, royalty family and different types of weapons and armours.

Later, I post this on animesuki. And at least, someone manage to translate the synopsis:

60 years before World War II, mankind found ten alternate worlds that exist but with different other physical laws. The force that supports these alternate worlds is called Concept. At the same time, mankind also discovered that all these alternate worlds are about to collide and the ones without the most amount of Concept will be annihilated.

To survive, a world call Low-G, which has no Positive Concepts of its own, started the Concept War to try to secure the most amount of Concepts. It took all the other worlds’, called Gs, positive concepts and destroyed them all. All that remains is Low-G.

Now 60 years later, which is the present, Low-G is facing destruction because of its Negative Concepts are rapidly expanding. To resolve this, Low-G needs Positive Concepts from all the other alternate worlds. UCAT, the team that destroyed the alternate worlds 60 years ago formed the Team Leviathan (全竜交渉部隊/チームレヴァイアサン) to begin negotiation with the survivors from all the other worlds.

Mikoto Sayama is the protagonist of the story. After his grandpa, who was a key figure in the Concept War and in the negotiation team, passed away, IAI, UCAT’s mother branch in Japan, explained everything to Mikoto and had him take over the negotiation seat.

Carrying the phrase 佐山の姓は悪役を任ずる (which roughly translates to “The family name Sayama is villain itself” / if someone has a better translation, help me out here) and all the hatred, young Mikoto begins his negotiation (全竜交渉/レヴァイアサンロード, which I do not know if translate to Leviathan Road or Load) with the other worlds.

Hmm, it’s is complicated. Plus, he did also a background check the author’s work:

This author is famous for his extremely long work. He created his own world at various stages:


FORTH is the world at its base stage in a nutshell; the current reality world. AHEAD is the period that this specific series talks about; the world’s technology has began to develop. EDGE is the period that mankind could start going into space from the advance technology base on a new fuel found in the AHEAD period. GENESIS is the stage the world ends; technology developed from the FORTH period is no longer used as the world is dominated by technologies developed from the AHEAD period. OBSTACLE period is when the world rebuilds and destroys itself; in essence, the world is similar to all the other period because it is like a recurring cycle. CITY age is the when all the technologies developed from the OBSTACLE come together; man kind has came close to the brink of extinction several times.

As I’ve mentioned, this series in discussion takes place during the AHEAD period. On average, each chapter volume is over 400 pages; when first published, it broke the page record for light novels back then. The series is divided into 7 arcs, and two volumes for each arc. The last arc’s volume had broken over 1,000 pages (he still holds the record I believe when writing the series for the GENESIS stage, which is ongoing, at 1,153 pages).

Whoa, ok. That’s very complicated. I’m really hoping that this would have an anime or manga adaptation. But so far, there’s only a drama CD version.

And I’ve found some doujin image albums made by Voltage of Imagination and they are really cool most especially the songs

About the characters, that will be on my next post. But for the meantime, here’s a MAD:

Oh and thanks to stuopidget for the synopsis.