No, it’s not the official image album nor the OST. This is just a doujin image album by Voltage of Imagination which started way back 2008 at the C74 up to C76 in 2009. The author himself is not involved in it too. Anyway, there are 4 albums: GET SET, AHEAD, BREAK and GO AHEAD. onoken provided the music while Chata, Aki Misawa and Rekka Katakiri provided the vocals.

 Actually, I didn’t download it since it has two songs which are featured in the next album. The first song is “regalia” sang by Aki Misawa. It has techno-pop beat which really fits the Sci-fi genre of the series. The second song is “Riyuu” by Chata. I can’t help it but the song is sweet and mellow. I could imagine that it can be an ending theme. The other tracks are the other versions of the two songs including a voiceless version.

Asides from the two songs in GET SET, it also has some musical pieces by onoken and other two songs by Aki Misawa and Chata. Most of the musical pieces are techno along with a classical piece. And this album also has 2 PVs.

This has 3 songs plus one musical piece. The first song is “resona” by Aki Misawa. This one is different from her earlier song in GET SET. The second song is “chronicle” by Chata and it’s one of my favorite songs. The third song is by Rekka Katakiri. In fact, it’s used for the CM of one of the products featured in the light novel. And the last song is “Midori no Kaze” which is a piano piece. There are also 2 PVs.
Yes, the album art is spoilerish but at least you get the idea. Anyway, just like AHEAD, this album also has musical pieces by onoken. Most of them are classical and majestic ones but there are still techno ones. There are also three other songs by Aki Misawa, Chata and Rekka Katakiri. “Kimi” is by Chata where the song sounds too happy and sweet. “Gekitsuou” is by Rekka Katakiri and it’s a somewhat sad song. “remain” is by Aki Misawa and it’s also a happy song. Also included are two songs from BREAK. And there’s also 2 PVs and they’re indeed spoilerish most especially the PV containing Rekka Katakiri’s song.

BTW, the PVs are available in the official website and you can also download wallpapers too.

I think this light novel series really deserve an anime or manga adaptation. But then, most of the author’s works don’t have any manga or anime version yet. So, they’ll be a time that there will be one. Who knows…

If you’re asking where you can download the albums, just use the search engine..