Where’s his Johnny?

Our male lead, Fumiaki Uchida (aka #6 aka Minoru Abe aka Bunmei-kun), arrived in 1999, Terminator style. But gets an embarrassing welcome from Maya.

My first impression on him is that he’s a total wuss. But I guess he can be a badass asides from his ability t bend spoons. Come on, he’s sent to 1999 to retrieve the Nostradamus’ key which will pave way to an alien invasion later in 2012. So, the future of humanity rest on his hands.

Hmm, I thought that the 2012 phenomenon will be Mother Nature’s wrath on mankind? Why alien invasion?

Those aliens looks like those in War of the Worlds
 Whatever, a lot of occult references known in pop culture are present. The 1st episode shows homage of Ghostbusters and Scooby Doo. And this episode shows reference and homage of Dark Water, War of the Worlds , 2012 phenomenon and Nostradamus.

I’m a bit surprise that Uchida goes undercover as a history teacher. So, now he has to handle his boss (Maya) who at the same time, his student.

Anyway, here’s the most hilarious scene after that “shadow penis” in episode 1: