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I check my account in pixiv and this is what I’ve found:

A free game

Looks like pixiv is busy at the moment, so they give a super mario-like game instead so that their members will not get bored waiting. And it’s a dog. How cool is that?

Back on Occult Academy, Fumiaki and Maya will be investigating a tengu (a dog-like spirit) which is abducting people for quite a while. But Fumiaki is slacking off

One of the most hilarious scene is when Fumiaki use his camera phone to take a picture of the vice principal to see what will be his future of him and her

The result
>_<*walks away*

But what irritates me in this episode is the first appearance of this character, Mikaze, who is a waitress in a restaurant where Fumiaki usually visits.

How can a waitress owns a Porsche and drives crazy?

I’m pretty sure this girl is no ordinary one and she might have some connections to the tengu. And her voice is annoying. It’s like her voice actress (Minori Chiharu) is trying to sound moe. ]

And I’m not pleased with some of the viewers (most especially those guys in MAL) who find this episode boring because Maya lacks screentime. Srsly, this show is not always about Maya. It’s about occult and the impending apocalypse.