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Never guessed that Fumiaki Uchida aka Bunmei reminds me of Shaggy of Scooby Doo. Even the color of his suit is the exact color of Shaggy’s shirt.

And he does look like Shaggy. Hey, Bunmei, have you been smoking pot?

The “real truth” about Bunmei is that he’s actually a homeless bum who can’t use his powers anymore. He’s actually picked up by the Organization and they sent him to 1999 against his will. So, the Organization just send some weak and useless coward to the past so that the future will be saved?

This isn’t really adds up on why the Organization rely the future of mankind on the hands of some wussy pinhead? And also, in episode 1, why is Bunmei so calm when he arrived at the school butt naked? Isn’t he supposed to be cowering since he was sent against his will? Well, it’s either that Bunmei told that to Maya so that, he could get her pity and of course, since Maya has high expectations of him to save the future.


Anyway, it seems that most of the viewers become anti-Bunmei due to this revelation. Seems that everybody go tired of wussy male leads, but of course, this is a occult comedy and Bunmei is there for the laughs. So, why take it comedy anime seriously? Maybe, they’ve been watching too many serious animes.

And since i mentioned Shaggy, this series does remind me of Scooby Doo cartoons since we do have a Velma-impersonation in the person of Kozue (remember episode 1? “My glasses, my glasses”) and of course, Bunmei as Shaggy. Don’t know about the other characters though.

Scooby Doo, where are you?

Anyway, Bunmei better redeem his title as “male lead” or better yet, get a  Scooby snack.