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Currently, I’m busy for the next months since I have to make reports etc. and this is my last school year in college. So, it’s basically my highest priority to finish my course. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t have time for watching anime. So, I’m watching 2 Summer animes: Occult Academy and Highschool of the Dead. Yes, both are under the horror genre but these two only took my interest.

  • Occult Academy- A daughter of the late headmaster of Occult Academy, who actually hates occult despite her good knowledge of it and a wimpy spoon-bending time traveler from 2012 work together to find the Nostradamus Key and destroy so that the future of humanity will be saved. This anime reminds me of Scooby Doo since we got a meganekko who can’t see without her glasses and a coward who has the same personality as Shaggy. It’s a comedy anime and I just don’t get why some viewers don’t like wimpy characters despite that it’s comedy. Srsly, you have been watching too much serious anime these days.
  • Highschool of the Dead- zombies with loads of fanservice might turn you off. Well, the author of the manga does make H-mangas before. But anyway, this show (based from the manga) features what most zombie movies have in common. The story is all about a group of high school students and a nurse who are doing everything they can to survive in zombieland. The manga is still ongoing so we don’t know if this zombie apocalypse will end or if our heroes will survive till the end. It’s most common in zombie movies where they have open endings so you don’t know if the protagonists will survive or not.

Considering that I have a lot of anime that I wanted to watch, I have to do this one step at a time. There’s another anime which I’m planning to watch which is Tatami Galaxy (aired last Spring 2010). So, I might have time to watch this.