Sorry, for delaying the blog. I got a lot of school work to do. But I managed to watch the latest episode of Occult Academy. So, the star for this episode is…………..


But I find this episode somewhat plain and slightly boring. Even Kozue’s antics are somewhat funny, I didn’t actually make me laugh. Anyway, the girl’s problem is that she wants an occult experience (despite being captured by a tengu or possessed by a lamia in the earlier episodes). So, she opted to try a near-death experience experiment in class.

A lot of superstition beliefs are mentioned here like seeing a black cat indicates that you’ll have bad luck. Even the five-second ruleis mentioned.

Oh, what about this guy?
Well, he better show some worthy dignity in the upcoming episodes instead of lying to his boss and having cutesy moments with Mikaze which made the Vice-Principal cry in tears.