Turns out that the Kozue arc is just a stepping stone for Fumiaki’s past.

In the last episode, after trying out a near-death experience experiment in class, Kozue’s personality changed This means that her obsessed occult fanaticism is absent and Maya and Ami did everything they could to make her remember her former self.

When trying out the near-death experiment again, Fumiaki steps in to help which Maya doesn’t approved, considering that Fumiaki is a coward. But the guy helps in another way and strips off his clothes. LOL.

Anyway, during the near-death experience, we got a glimpse of Fumiaki’s past: His mother is just using him and his psychic abilities just for money. This actually reminded me of Kohane of xxxHolic in which her mother also used her and her psychic abilities just for money. Slight difference is that Kohane’s mother is abusive while Fumiaki’s mother still cares for her son (like cooking his favorite food and promising to go to the planetarium) but her greed overtakes her warm and caring nature. I guess when Fumiaki’s powers were discovered, his mother neglects her son’s well being

Maya sympathizes Fumiaki since she too was neglected by her father who is obsessed with occult. More likely, I think Fumiaki hates to use his abilities which is why in the future, he no longer has it anymore.

Back to Kozue, it turns out that Kozue just lost her glasses. LOL. So everything went back to normal and Maya accepted Fumiaki in which the two will work together to find the Nostradamus Key.

This is really rip-off from War of the Worlds.
Asides from Fumiaki’s past, we also get to see the future which is not a happy one. Likewise, the aliens (obviously rip-offed from War of the Worlds) invaded Earth and the humans dropped down nukes to eliminate them.

Btw, Maya doesn’t like slackers.
Also, I’m now starting call him Fumiaki instead of Bunmei. If he shows some worth as a strong character despite the goofiness, I’ll call him by his real name. Or if he shows some wussy ass, then call him Bunmei.