Finally, subs of Senkou no Night Raid Episode 0 are out. In fact, this is actually a prologue and how the four agents of Sakurai Kikan met.

Hi there, I’m Aoi, the new guy. You must be Yukina and why are not wearing a Chinese dress?

Episode starts with Aoi who caught a glimpse of Yukina, watching over the deck (no, it’s not like Titanic). He made a friendly introduction to her which Yukina finds it weird. Of course, Natsume comes in and is suspicious of Aoi.

Anyway, Sakurai gives his a mission which involves human trafficking where in the movie company is used a front for the Green Gang’s operation.So, he has each one of his agents work undercover plus, none of them knows that they are working in the same team and the same mission.

Goddamnit, no thanks to you, i become the subject of all fanarts made by Yaoi fangirls

So, Aoi plays as a cameraman, Kazura as an assistant to a gay beautician (LOL, most of the beauticians I know in RL are gay), Yukina as a stand-in for the main actress (who got a stomachache thanks to Kazura’s tampering of her tea) and Natsume as, of course, her chaperon.

Apparently, this is not a yuri scene

Each of them played a role in uncovering the operation. And it ends up with Natsume being drugged by the Chinese coordinator and Yukina, being abducted by her. Luckily Natsume manages to sound the alarm. So, Aoi and Kazura went to stop the Chinese lady and her subordinate. Kazura shows his awesome aikado moves with the help of Aoi’s telekinetic ability. He also saved Yukina and defeated the Chinese lady.

Kazura is no gentlemen to evil bitches
After these, those involved in the human trafficking operations got arrested. The victims went back to their homes. And Sakurai informs his agents that they now work together as a team.

This episode should be the first episode 1 since the TV version just gave you something out from nowhere. There are still two DVD-release episodes which are not out yet. The second one (don’t know what episode number is) has something to do with opium-related. Plus, according to the official blog of the series, Yukina will finally be wearing a Chinese dress. The third one will be an epilogue of the series. I guess this will probably tell us what happened to the surviving characters since the ending just left hanging.

Btw, High and Mighty Color’s final single, Re:ache, is out now. It’s very sad that the band is breaking up. I hope there might a reunion in the future.