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The preview for the bonus DVD episode of Senkou no Night Raid is out. It’s entitled "Ahenkutsu no Akuma" or "Devil in the Opium den". The episode is included in the 4th volume of the DVD which also has episode 6 and the streamed episode 7.

BTW, the preview is 8 minutes long. You can watch it here.

It starts with a young Japanese girl singing and juggling a bag of beans, while Natsume watches her. The girl watches the butterflies in the garden.

Fast forward, Aoi and Kazura are on top of the Chinese roof on the lookout. Natsume and Yukina are together as the latter communicates them. Kazura did something cool again. :3

Kazura and Aoi enters the a room full of drugged people, guns out. Kinda cool to see Aoi, sticking his gun out for the first time. Later, Aoi hears Yukina screams.

Yukina finds herself in a strange room and wanders off the city. And then she meets a cute Chinese girl (she doesn’t speak Chinese since this episode is in DVD. So, she speaks Japanese).

Later, both girls sing the song that the Japanese girl sang earlier. While singing, Yukina somewhat spaces out.

Flashback or dream: the Japanese girl picks up the fallen bag of beans. Yukina asks her what’s wrong. Later, she finds Natsume who walks out.

At present, an old lady takes the girl and Yukina asks a question to her. But the old lady takes the girl away, who is trying to reach her. Yukina tells her to wait. A butterfly is seen (LOL, is that Yuko Ichihara?)

Yukina enters a building and in the room where a bunch of people are lying. It seems that that they are drugged. One drugged dude grabs her arm. All the druggies stood up like zombies.

Yukina tries to run off but she found the Chinese girl walking to the curtain.

Hmm, this episode brought something about Natsume’s past and that Japanese girl who we have glimpse in episode 9. Butterflies are commonly seen here and there’s a cat again. And obviously, the episode will deal about opium since the preview shows a bunch of people smoking the drug.

Yukina is in another outfit again. She’s wearing a Chinese shirt not a Chinese dress which we saw in the promo scans. Yeah, you guys might be very disappointed.

Now for the pic previews:


Flashback: who is this mysterious girl?

Our dynamic duo. I can’t to see Kazura do something cool again.

Yukina in a Chinese skirt shirt

Now, who is THIS girl?