The recent episode brought some development here such as introducing Ami’s dad, who is a jolly one and treats Maya like his own daughter too. We’re also brought back much on Maya’s personality back when she’s a kid.

Your typical summer days

Anyway, in this episode, there’s a crop circle. So, Maya and Fumiaki investigate it to see if it’s the Nostradamus Key. But then, Ami and the gang tag along as well. Eventually, the group did have nice summer time as well with food and fireworks.

In 2012, JK will have triplets. So, there’s hope, people.

But then, the UFO (stereotypically which looks like the fake UFO’s we saw) comes in and does what most UFO’s do: cattle mutilation. Apparently, Maya and Fumiaki saw that all of these is fake (including the crop circle) when Fumiaki takes a picture of the alien (played by JK).

Not actually a sign that their friendship will end. Don’t worry, they’ll be friends again.

This is all planned by Ami’s dad because he wants to see Maya smile again just like in the old days. But Maya doesn’t like this because she thought that this is serious business. Of course, she’s expecting the Key but turns out that it’s just a play. Ami slaps her for being rude to her dad. But daddy slaps her as well because it’s insulting to slap someone in front of your parents. He tells her to apologize to Maya but Ami runs off.

One nice development is that Maya and Fumiaki are now working together without the former punching on the latter. But there’s still a gap between them. I don’t expect a romance between them because it will be cliched if that would happened.

Also, one nice thing I also like is the partners-in-crime, JK and Smile. I like the slapstick comedy between them. Asides from Smile, JK is also pure win.

He’s pulling the cutesy puppy eyes now.