Last week, Maya and Ami had a feud, causing their friendship to be strained. Ami asked Maya to come to the Minakami Shrine, the place where whenever they had a fight, they will always go there and resolve things.

But then, Ami was abducted by a horde of  chupacabra.

Does anyone find this erotic?

So, Maya and Kozue asked Ami’s dad’s help to save her. LOL for the dad who uses a nail gun as weapon. Really like Kouta Hirano of Highschool of the Dead. Even Fumiaki joins in….well, he got picked up.

Srsly, those dowsing rods can do anything.
What I like is that Fumiaki (though he’s still called Bunmei by Maya) manages to prove that he can take out monsters. That’s an improvement. At least Maya didn’t punch him but she did snark him.

Finally, Fumiaki manages to prove his manlihood
There’s also a  funny line when Maya was told by the guys to save Ami instead while they handle the monsters:
“You know in the movies people who say that always die soon after”

Don’t worry, this is comedy. Nobody dies……yet.Anyway, Maya saves Ami, the two reconciled and became friends again. But something is lurking above them….

I wonder what she’s up to
It seems that the vice-principal has indeed something hide. Looks like that we’re going back again on what will be her involvement on the Nostradamus Key. Fumiaki eventually find that the chupacabras are not the Key so the search still continues.