I remember reading an article that Inception (the movie directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Leonardo DiCaprio) is similar to the late Satoshi Kon’s 2006 anime movie, Paprika.

I planned to watch it if I had time. But due to Kon’s untimely death, I just watched in memory of him. It’s really similar to Inception. But it’s not like Nolan just borrowed the idea. I’ve read that he wrote the script for this movie for 10 years. But, of course, Kon’s movie is based by a 1994 Japanese novel. So, sharing dreams is not just an original idea.

I guess Nolan just paid homage to the anime movie. But what’s different from Paprika to Inception is the concept of layered dreams. A dream within a dream, that is. In Paprika, it just shows that the rest of the characters shared in a dream. But in Inception, not only you’re in a shared dream, you also get to go into different sublayers of the dreamworld. So, Nolan expanded more on the concept of dreams.

Yes, both movies are mind-fuck. But it’s really interesting to watch. Similarities are that asides of having a shared dream, Paprika and Ariadne both have the same roles which is to see if the main male character’s dream affect their real life. But Ariadne (a very nice name) is the Architect, the one who constructs the world of dreams. Detective Konakawa and Dom Cobbs also have similarities in which their problems in RL also affect their dreams. Except that Konakawa has problems dealing his forgotten passion in making movies with his dead friend, while Dom has problems dealing with the loss of his wife which he thinks that he’s responsible for.

Anyway, watching Inception and Paprika really made my day after all the tragedy and hoopla last week. But just like Inception, Paprika is only for those who like things that are thought-provoking and not recommended for lazy viewers.