This episode focuses more on Maya’s development while Bunmei slacks off with Mikaze. There’s not much focus on the main plot but the next episode probably foreshadows that the VP and Mikaze are talking together. It’s implied that Mikaze is more just an ordinary girl with a Porsche.

I see dead people

This episode features a young girl who is being summoned by the VP during class. It’s supposed to be Maya’s father but instead the girl (Akari) came out.

What’s over here?
Funny that JK is the only one who didn’t see Akari but he did sense her. Of course,  the gang (excluding Bunmei who is busy toying with Mikaze) decided to help her find her home and out her to rest. Of all people, Akari became very close to Maya. Guess Maya have seen herself in Akari, being alone and neglected.

As always, it’s her
Eventually, the gang did find her house but Akari was traumatized by the event where she feels cold. Turns out that she froze to death because her father didn’t bother to take her inside during a snowy night.

I don’t know if this arc will have any impact on Fumiaki’s mission in destroying the key. Since the key is not involve with this, Fumiaki rather be slacking with Mikaze, who, at the start, is very suspicious for us on why she becomes close to him.

Srsly, Fumiaki is going blind eye on this suspicious woman
Well, there are 3 episodes left. I don’t know how they will end this. But if Anime no Chikara intends to make a second season of this, then it would be cool.

JK’s WTF face
This really reminds of Kazura and Aoi’s faces in episode 4 of Night Raid. But JK is more LOL than them.