The future is a great unknown. Throughout history, those who have been graced with the power to read it have been sought by many. In this day and age, the term “prophet” is outdated. “Precog,” as in precognition, is the modern term.Yet when the powers of precognition is graced upon a young girl named Tohyama Haruka, she is sought after by a powerful organization. Utilizing her powers, Haruka makes contact with Hijikata Mamoru, a blind swordsman. When cornered by her captors, Haruka proposes an outrageous condition to Mamoru. Haruka wants Mamoru to protect her until death do them part.

Really good as Bloody Monday. We got a blind samurai who kicks ass and is the complete opposite of Kenshin Himura. He’s not alone of course, He has a tech guy (whose hairstyle reminds of Iverson) and precog girl (who is not really a damsel in distress). Other people support him like a special Black-Ops. This guy fights yakuza, gangsters, drug lords, terrorists, assassins and even Jesus (no, not Jesus Christ)

The story is so cool. It’s like Darker than Black meets Rurouni Kenshin. Oh and Batman. I really hope that there’s an anime version of it. There’s no ecchi because the mangaka didn’t drew panty shots. (There’s a omake on what his reason is). There’s gore but not so Tarantino-gore.

The manga is still ongoing.