Well, PHT-KAW finally finished subbing Senkou no Night Raid. Well, I managed to understand the story more. But some of the viewers didn’t like it because they find it boring. I guess that most of these viewers are not really interested in historical anime. Srsly, this anime is not so moe-fied and ecchi-fied. Nvm, everybody has their own taste. And to those who think that there’s historical revisionism here, well, there’s none. The staff did really researched the historical events despite that it’s controversial. They know what they are doing.

Now, i found some scans in animepaper. I’ve been searching for those for weeks. Most of them are from the BD.

Vol 1.

Cover of Vol. 1 of the BD/DVD
Kazura looks snazzy in that hat

This looks like it’s from Episode 0. Gah, why is Kazura on the background. Srsly, Yukina, you’re blocking the camera.

This magazine scan is also included in the BD/DVD.
*plays James Bond theme* I love Kazura’s pose. Aoi is in Daniel Craig’s pose. But srsly, I was wondering why do the staff keep showing Yukina in the Chinese dress in the promo art when she’s not wearing one in the series itself.

The original artist‘s sketch. Aoi’s eyes are so weird <_<

Vol. 2

Cover of Vol 2.
This really gives off BL vibes. This looks like its’ from episode 3. Hint: Bubble gum. Wait, so Aoi is chewing bubble gum in episode 3?

Also from episode 3. Aww, that’s so sweet, Natsume.

I’m guessing episode 2? Kazura looks cute in those glasses ❤

From episode 4 obviously. I’ll be assuming that Kazura and Aoi arguing about porn while Fuu Lan is telling the two to shut up.

Vol. 3

Cover of Vol. 3
Kyaa~ Kazura is so cute here~!

Battle pose. Ready, set, go!!

I still wait for the Vol. 4 since it’s not yet out.