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Yeah, it’s September and that the Christmas spirit is near. Which is why Maya and gang decided to throw a Christmas party for Akari after her dad told them that its his fault why she died so she can wait for Santa Claus. Well, the reunion is sweet and tear-jerking.

That’s so sad T_T

But this also ties to Maya’s past. It turns that her dad is so obsessed with occult and build Occult Academy is because lil’ Maya wished to have a school where they can study about occult. Well, it made Maya realize that what her father was doing is actually for her. And now, it’s her job to help Fumiaki find the Nostradamus Key and her father’s murderer.
It’s interesting that Fumiaki  is eager to learn more about Maya since she agreed to work with him. Well, now the two have a mutual understanding. But something that is really separating them is…..

Damn, she always spoils everything. Bitch! Never liked her! Srsly, stop acting so moe! And stop making Bunmei look dumb! But there’s something more than meets the eye….Well, when Fumiaki was invited by her and then later the VP for dinner, he thought about Maya. So, he rejects both their offers and goes to help her. The VP cries like there’s no tomorrow while Mikaze….

has a strange look in her face. Hmm, yandere? Idk, but like I said there’s more than meets the eye.
Now that there are 3 episode left, we’re back into the Nostradamus Key and near to the finale. But in the preview is surprising since they show that Maya is lying down and bleeding. As the next episode’s title implied, does that mean that she will die? Well, we better find out….