Whoa, I didn’t expect that kind of twist. Turns out that Mikaze is more than just a whore. Her seducing of Fumiaki is just a springboard on her plan to kill Maya.

She’s really a manwhore and a bitch

Yeah, seduction with a wet, wet kiss. I really hate it when she does that. Well, it indeed confirm our suspicions that Mikaze is the antagonist.

Ugh, please stop posing as Lady Gaga!

She even tried to brainwash him into killing Maya, making him believed that she’s the Nostradamus Key. Well, Maya did “died” but it’s just a ruse with the help of the VP, who happens to be a white mage AKA good guy. I didn’t even see that coming too.

She reminds me of some anime character.
And now, the battle between good and evil has come as July 21 (doomsday) is coming near.

And this guy (the guy wearing the hat)….could he possibly be Maya’s father?