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Well, I’m watching two Spring 2010 animes and both of them have Hiroshi Kamiya in it as the main role.

Angel Beats

I’m currently watching 2 episodes. Well, from what I’ve seen, the story looks promising. The cast are in the afterlife (yes, they’re all dead) and its settings resembles a school. Act normally (like going to classes and studying), you’ll disappear. Then, there’s this group who rather rebel against God. Meet Otonashi, a guy who just woke up in the afterlife and realize that he lost his memories. So, he joins the rebel group led by Yuri so that he can recover his lost memories.

Well, the action here is good so is the music. Funny points here are the supporting characters dying in weird ways (really like how Kenny of South Park dies). There’s also this guy who speaks in English (straight English since his voice actor happens to be an American).

Arakawa Under The Bridge

Ko, son and heir of a notable CEO, does his things independently and never relies help from others or never offers help to other. Until one day, his pants got caught in the bridge. While trying to get them, he fell down onto the river and was saved by a mysterious and homeless blonde (named Nino) who claims that she’s from Venus. Now, Ko has to return to her a favor, which he never done before in his whole life. The only favor that Nino requested is to love her. So, Ko starts to live with her under the bridge and also meets other people living under the bridge who are bunch of weirdos.

The animation studio, SHAFT, uses different art styles here. So, it’s somewhat unique. Plus, this also reminds me of Tatami Galaxy. Well, maybe it’s because Nino sounds like Akashi since they have the same voice actress (Maaya Sakamoto).