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Well, the battle between good and evil has started. The VP fights off Mikaze the bitch-witch while the guy in black suit is actually a Black Panther! (No, not the Marvel character, Black Panther). He takes Maya away from those crazy villagers.

Hi, I’m Black Panther. Don’t worry, I won’t bite.

Meanwhile, Ami and the gang tried to “summon” Maya since they didn’t know that she’s actually alive. When they saw that she’s actually alive, they tried to help but bad things happened along the way. Kozue got abducted (again…) and was brainwashed into “BURN THE WITCH!”. Those two grannies (you know, the one who is Fumiaki’s landlady and the other who is Mikaze’s boss) walked like that kid in The Grudge. I was like WTF?! when I saw that. So, Smile and JK fought them but they are having a hard time.

Good VS. Evil. Really nice special effects.
Meanwhile, VP found out that Mikaze is responsible for all the strange occult happenings that are happening around the town. Mikaze states that it’s her way to kill Maya and she used Fumiaki as a tool. Eventually, VP was defeated not before she frees Fumiaki and tells him the spell to seal Mikaze and that Maya’s dad is still alive. Oh man, I was beginning to her. Anyway, your efforts will not be in vain.

Really sad to see the VP die

Later, Mikaze manages to corner Maya only to find out that the Principal’s notebook is still with her. The one that she burned is actually a fake. But before she can kill her, Fumiaki arrives to help her. Mikaze seduces him again but Fumiaki will not be fooled by her sluttly gestures! So, he recites the spell and despite that he’s being hit and blast off by Mikaze, he still continues to recite. Maya uses her camera phone and realize that Mikaze is the Nostradamus’ Key. So, she helps Fumiaki recite the spell and eventually Mikaze was defeated. Everything went back to normal. So now, Fumiaki reports to his superiors that the Key is destroyed. But actually, the future remains unchanged.

The future is still fucked.
So, the question now is could be that Fumiaki is actually the Key? Well, there are speculations about that. But for now, there’s one last episode left. So, let’s see how this ends.

BTW, I finally finished Highschool of the Dead. And coincidentally, it ended on the part where I temporarily stopped reading the manga. It’s a good series but the fanservice disturbs me the most.