Last May, I watched Letters From Iwo Jima which stars Ken Watanabe (from The Last Samurai) and Kazunari “Nino” Ninomiya (from the Jpop boy band, Arashi) and directed by Clint Eastwood.

I have to admit that I’m a history buff and I am interested in watching WWII events in the Japanese POV since most WWII movies are all in Western POV.

Anyway, as you expect from history, the Japanese army is doomed and they used every last breath they have to defend the island. Plus, the scenes and the OST are really tear jerkers. You may expect some BL hints but considering that this is a very tragic movie, I doubt it. And with all your colleagues dead, you have to expect that either your life or serving the empire is important.

Well, it’s not Japanese propaganda since the film shows the negative side of Japanese and American armies like Japanese soldier beating up an American soldier and stabbing him with a bayonet or an American soldier shooting a Japanese POW.

Also, to think that all Japanese are willing to serve the army is a misconception. Taken on Nino’s character and other characters concern, they are forced to join since some of them think about their families just like what the Allied soldiers would do.

Despite that Nino’s character is fictional, some the characters portrayed are real life historical figures. Plus, this film is given a lot of positive reviews and got a lot of nominations and awards.