It’s the last episode and it’s a time paradox

Maya’s father is still alive and that he’s indeed the commander.

So, Fumiaki learns that he’s the Nostradamus Key if he meets his younger self. This was prevented for now. But then, young Fumiaki finds his way in the academy which made his mom admit her mistakes. And eventually, he meets his older self which created a dimensional rift for the aliens’ arrival.

When young Fumiaki is out of the cold, older Fumiaki stands up against the aliens. His telekinetic powers returned and he defeated the aliens.

Uchida Fumiaki VS. the World Aliens
Before he sacrifices himself, he tells Maya to take care of his younger self. After that the world is saved.

There goes one brave man..T_T
Now, the future is saved. Maya is alive in 2012 and is living with Fumiaki and her dad.

Turns out that 2012 doomsday is indeed crap
So, it’s indeed over for now. Well, the ending brought more satisfaction than Night Raid. So far, this is the best Anime no Chikara anime (though I haven’t seen Sora No Woto). For now, they’re taking a break so they’ll be back.I’ll post a review once I have time.