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She does look like that main character in Sakura Wars

This anime took in the timeslot of 3 Anime no Chikara shows. Well, I didn’t watch Soro-No-Woto yet. But looking at the description of this anime Otomo Youkai Zakuro, it’s a really interesting series. I haven’t read the manga yet but it’s currently in scanlation. Another interesting fact is that the mangaka, Lily Hoshino, happens to make a lot of BL manga. I had to admit that I haven’t read any of her BL work yet despite that I’m a yaoi fangirl. orz

Anyway, onto the anime:

Three young lieutenants of the Imperial Army are assigned to be part of a delegation of four half-youkai maidens. Their mission to instill understanding between humans and youkai. So, we’re introduced to the main pairing: Kei Agamaki and Zakuro

Now, I know why Takahiro Sakurai always gets to play a bishie with sparkles. Because of Twilight.
Kei is a son of a military general. Except that he’s scared of youkai. Hmm, he somewhat reminds me of Watanuki on xxxHolic (except that Watanuki is not afraid of youkai. He’s just youkai bait). And coincidentally, Kei’s seiyuu, Takahiro Sakurai, is Jun Fukuyama’s (who did the voice of Watanuki) cast mate in Code Geass. So, yeah, Suzaku is now even with Lelouch.

He’s no Edward Cullen
Zakuro is a youkai tsundere who dislikes the human race. She even finds Kei as a wuss. What’s even funny is that this pairing reminds of Maya and Fumiaki in Occult Academy. Well, except that Maya is a violent one who really pummels you down while Zakuro is slightly a violent one too but somewhat gets sway by Kei’s bishie sparkles. And Kei tries to face his youkai fears (like saving those two pumpkin kids later on) while Fumiaki is Shaggy Rogers. But if you’ve watched the last episode of Occult Academy, then you know that Fumiaki finally did something heroic.

Sorry, I’m no Bella Swan.
Another pairing is Hotaru Suzuki and Riken Yoshinokazura. Their pairing reminds me of …………gah, I can’t remember. Anyway, their pairing is typically stoic and tall guy meet shy and cute girl. The last pairing (well, it’s a threesome) is Ganryuu Hanakiri and Bonbori and Hoozuki. So yeah, the kid is lucky to have two ladies.

Lucky bastard
Now, this episode somewhat reminds me of Sakura Wars meet InuYasha meet xxxHolic. Well, I’m also expecting that the guys must also fight too with the demon girls. Well, Zakuro is the only one fighting while the remaining three only chant the exorcist song.

Onto the cast, as mentioned earlier, Kei is voiced by Takahiro Sakurai (Suzaku of Code Geass, Kira Izuru of Bleach) while Zakuro is voiced by Mai Nakahara (Rena Ryuugu of Higurashi, Rena Kunisaki of .hack// Legend of the Twilight). Riken is voiced by Satoshi Hino (Akito Takagi of Bakuman, Yuji Sakai of Shakugan no Shana) and Hotoru is voiced by Kana Hanazawa (Kozue Naruse of Occult Academy, Kanade Tachibana of Angel Beats). Ganryuu is voiced by Yuuki Kaji (Walker Yumasaki of Durarara!!) while Bonbori and Hoozuki are voiced by Aki Toyosaki (Yui Hirasawa of K-ON!) and Yui Horie (Maria Ushiromiya of Umineko, Yuuki Cross of Vampire Knight) respectively.