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The special out now and subbed. But this is really confusing because I’m a bit lost on the sequence of events here.

Aoi is back but he’ll have a little screen time for now.

First off, Aoi and co. are investigating a hideout of spies. But it turns out that it’s just an opium den. Aoi suddenly heard Yukina scream. What I don’t get it that Yukina is with Natsume. So, how did she got separated or abducted?

The boys are back in the hood.
 Well, let’s go on then. Yukina wakes up in a strange room and smells the flowers so as to enhance her abilities more. But she realizes that she’s lost. Then, she encountered this mysterious girl named Shion, who wants to play with her. Well, they played the juggling game with both of them singing a children song (probably a harvest song). Then, Yukina spaces out a bit. Next, she is in a flashback where she meets this girl who is related to Natsume. I’m pretty sure this girl is Natsume’s sister. Suddenly, Yukina saw Natsume, who walks out, in this flashback. Now, she got back into reality and found that an old woman is taking Shion. Yukina began to gather information on this girl. She realizes that this girl is working in the opium den as a prostitute so as to earn a living for her family.

Wait, that flower is drug!

Now this is where things really get confusing: Yukina saw black smoke coming out from the bed where the girl has been. Then, she saw flashes of a man being kicked down by two rich guys, people waltzing in a ballroom, a dried farmland, two guys smoking opium and then, Shion being taken away from her mother. Flashback stops and Yukina finds the room barren with no trace of life. Why? She saw dead bodies of those people who were using drugs.

A girl this age got sold to prostitution
Then, it turns out that Yukina was reading the mind of a guy who is bound in a straitjacket. Sakurai said that this man collapsed and is believed to be the suspect of this opium den. Well, the information that Yukina gathered didn’t given much use so Sakurai calls it a day. Before Sakurai, Yukina and Aoi leave, the man went crazy and said strange things that the devil will take your soul. Suddenly, the lights went off and the man disappeared. I don’t know if this guy has superpowers or anything but this doesn’t add up on why Shion is in this guy’s memory. I think he has something to do with selling Shion to the opium den and it made him guilty.

He got mindblown
Anyway, Yukina is with Natsume and they were discussing about that guy. Yukina suddenly heard a girl sing a song that she sang earlier and found that Natsume is not with her. She follows where the girl is. She went back to the same room where she was found resting earlier. But she finds it empty and found two bean bags which was used the game that she played back then.

A little flashback on Natsume’s past
Then, she met a young girl (who she mistook as Shion) and her father. The girl is holding the flower pot and said that this was given by the old guy who stayed in the room. She also said that she’s going home since her father finally had a job.

This is a totem?

Later, Yukina, all by herself, is playing the juggling game while singing the song. Natsume arrived and said that he’s worried about her because she’s gone for three days. Yukina began to realize that her memories on the events that happened her jumbled. The end.

Hmm, she found two totems?

OK, it looks like Yukina is having a hard time distinguishing from past to present. It seems that her abilities gone a bit off. Srsly, this is really much like Inception. I think Yukina needs a totem just to see whether she’s reading someone’s else memory or not. I don’t think that the opium has something to do with her malfunctioning of her abilities. But it might be the case.

Idk, you’re probably got stuck in a dream

Anyway, I’m disappointed that Kazura has little screen time in this episode. And he didn’t even talked. WTF?! I’m expecting more cool stuff from him and this is what I get?! Gah, I bet the special Episode 14 which will be on December (bummer) will have more Kazura on it. But anyway, this episode is ok. This is pretty much a character development on Yukina and maybe Natsume.

As Buddha says, “Just say no to drugs”

BTW, this episode is from Vol. 4 of the DVD. The DVD also contains episode 6, 7 and the recap special. So, here are some scans.

Kuse and Isao. Taken episode 6. These guys are bent on world domination. Well, not really

Young Natsume and Yukina. Taken from the special episode.

Group pic.