Onto to Iron Man again….

Tony Stark was taken custody by the government after they began to suspect him for smuggling nuclear arms in Japan.

Whatever, Tony, just whatever

Tony claims that he’s being set up. So, he decided to investigate this matter alone. Upon arriving at the ship containing the plutonium, Iron Man was attacked again by the Zodiac. This time, there’s a unit called Cancer.

But then, the battle was drawn. So, Tony tells the Defense Minister about Zodiac and said that he will look into it. Unbeknown to Tony, someone is watching him.

I could say that the A.I. Jarvis is here in this anime. In the comic book and the Ultimate version, Jarvis is human and Tony’s personal butler.

How awesome is that?! He can change inside the car!

Back to the show, Tony chases down the black suits who stole the plutonium. During the chase, the black suits crash into Nanami, who is trying to get an interview on Tony. Also, Tony encounters a guy in a black motorcycle named Sakurai who doesn’t like how Tony defies law.

Don’t worry, Nanami, here he comes!

There’s actually a mix up on the cases. The black suits actually took Nanami’s camera case while Nanami took the plutonium by mistake. Eventually, she was chased down by the black suits in a stealth  tank and the Cancer unit. Sakurai uses his motorcycle to let Iron Man destroy the stealth tank. Later, Iron Man saves Nanami and defeats the robot.

There you go. Iron Man saves the day!

As a result, Tony’s name was clear and Nanami was thankful that Tony sent her flowers. Really, Tony is such a ladies’ man.

Anyway, Sakurai happens to have connections with the Defense Minister and seems to have something building up. I don’t know if this guy is an opponent or something. But I’m beginning to suspect that he must be that guy in earlier promo picture whom we mistook as Tony. Yet, he also appeared in the OP.

BTW, the OST here is amazing.