Well, that super typhoon Juan ruin much for my first days of semester break. Anyway, to redeem whatever happened to the past days, I’ll cover episodes 2 and 3 of  Otome Youkai Zakuro

Episode 2:

Zakuro had a bad dream which is somewhat connected to her past. Then, another of Agemaki’s antics for mistaking that youkai can eat candles. Srsly, i never of this one.

He thinks that he’s giving her a lollilop

Anyway, the group is tasked to deal with a spirit is scaring off the tenants in a newly built Western hotel. The owner of the hotel wants the spirit to be eradicated. But Zakuro says otherwise.

Cue vampire sparkles

Your vampire sparkles don’t work on me, wuss

Anyway, while looking for the spirit, Ganryuu seems to be able to distinguish the youkai twins despite that they keep switching. Haha, I wonder what’s his secret in telling them apart. Meanwhile, Zakuro wants to do things on her own since she looks down at Agemaki for his cowardice. The funny part is Agemaki who got scared by the spirit who keeps growing in sizes. When someone screams, the spirit shrunk into small size. But when there’s no screaming, it grows in large size.

That poor demon is suffocating
But then, Zakuro and the girls manages to deal with the spirit which ended up the destruction of the hotel. Then, Zakuro explains that the spirit lost its home (actually a shrine) due to the establishment of the hotel. She then believes that humans should coexist with humans. But the villagers disagree on this. Well, they didn’t understand because they are literally afraid of spirits.

Later, Lieutenant Hanadate arrives and decided that the site will be rebuilt into a shrine. This, of course, make Zakuro awe by this charisma and stand for coexistance. Does this mean that there will be love triangle between Agemake, Zakuro and Hanadate? Idk, this is not really romance anime per see.

Episode 3

The head of the Spirit Affairs doesn’t seem to trust Zakuro due to mistreating Agemaki. So, Zakure decided to prove herself by taking another mission which involves the disappearance of young girls in the village.
Well, this one sheds some light on the origins of the half-youkai where in human pregnant girls spirited away (meaning they bore youkai blood after going into the forest). Once at birth, the offsprings were outcast from the village and separated from their families.

Hana Yori Dango, much?
Anyway, Zakuro feels uneasy on this since it is related to her past, most especially with regards to her mom. But Agemaki does everything he can to cheer her up since he learned this from the boss herself.

Later, Zakuro sleepwalks after hearing a voice and a bell, thanks to two creepy sister who I think might be the enemy. But then, Agemaki manages to snap her out and found themselves on the cave. In the cave, there is a demon who is actually responsible for the disappearance of the girls.

When Agemaki listened to the spirit who confesses his addiction for eating women and children, he snapped and Zakuro destroys the demon. Later, Zakuro asks him about a fox spirit who showed up when she was sleepwalking. Agemaki though that the fox spirit is responsible for the girls’ disappearance but he finds that the fox spirit is more likely a guardian. It turns out that the fox spirit is actually Zakuro’s boss herself. And she confirms to her colleague that another half-spirit is responsible for attempting to send Zakuro into their trap.

Well, this episode made a good establishment between Zakuro and Agemaki unlike Maya and Fumiaki. LOL