I’m back so is the internet. Now, I can catch all the ongoing shows. First, let’s start with Otome Youkai Zakuro.

Episode 4:

No, she’s not doing O-Ren Ishii
This episode is about Susukihotaru and Riken. The two along with Ganryuu and the twins were sent to a store (sounds familiar…..) to pick up a possessed sword. This sword has a long hitlist and it made Susukihotaru uncomfortable. It turns out that she is an empath and she doesn’t want Riken to find out about it because it will made her more worried. But Riken doesn’t mind then and is willing to let Susukihotaru read his thoughts and feelings, making their partnership and bond stronger. Awww…………..that’s really sweet. I’m getting to like Riken. He reminds me of Kazura and funny to mention that his name contains, “Kazura” (Yoshinokazura).
But another bigger picture in this episode is that those two hooded figures were actually looking for Zakuro. Even there’s this mysterious lady who wants Zakuro. Hmm, this seems interesting…

Episode 5:

This episode also focuses on Ganryuu, Hozuki and Bonbori. Anyway, the Spirit Affairs were sent to a important banquet just to look for the mysterious woman named Black Widow, who is responsible to seducing a lot of guys. BTW, the girls look cute in their Western outfits. So, as usual, the group patrolled the area by pairs. Hanadate invited Zakuro for a dance which made Kei jealous. But after the dance, two imperial soldiers were harassing Zakuro so Kei shows up which scare those two jerks away. Zakuro was crying later on and Kei comforts her.
Meanwhile, the twins used their flower power (yeah, flower power, I’m not kidding) to track down the Black Widow. Turns out that they shared the same power and strength and put their souls on the petals in which if one petal is destroyed, then one of twins get hurt. Ganryuu was worried that they might get hurt if they continue using their petal powers. Later on, they did track down Black Widow and found out that she held Hanadate hostage. While Riken and Susukihotaru and Kei and Zakuro were distracted by the two hooded girls, Ganryuu, Hozuki and Bonbori had to deal with Black Widow. So, Hozuki sang the exorcised song while protecting Ganryuu and Bonbori deflects Black Widow’s attacks. But since their strength is shared, Bonbori got injured and Ganryuu wants to go to her. Later, Zakuro arrives and saves them. After being defeated, Black Widow reveals that she knows Zakuro’s mother and everything about Zakuro’s true nature which made Zakuro doubt about her.

Well, those are two interesting episodes. Now, we get to know about the enemy and there were speculation that the bad guy in the OP might be Hanadate and his kidnapping was just a play. Well, we don’t know yet but there are lot of episodes to come.