Btw, I decided not to blog Iron Man but I’ll continue watching it. You can check Orends: Range blog except that UkiyaSeed only blogs the episodes he likes so he doesn’t blog animes on a weekly basis unlike Divine of Random Curiosity or psgels of Star Crossed Anime Blog. Oh, I already dropped Psychic Detective Yakumo since I find it boring after episode 2.

Anyway, scans of Vol. 5 and Vol .6 of the Night Raid BD is out. I’m still waiting for Vol.7 which will be released next month.


Vol. 5 cover. A very sweet and sad picture

Sakurai and Ichishi look like they’re from the mafia. Or sponsoring a brandy.

Yukina Poster featured in one of the magazine months ago. Nothing special here. Except we all wonder if she ever going to wear that dress.

Vol. 6 cover. Isao is actually teaching Kazura the Bro Code that there should be no eye contact on a devil’s threeway.

Another sad picture of the group. Really wish they have more time to bond together.

Dammit, Kazura is wearing the waistcoat of style. He’s like Arthur of Inception. Oh, and here’s Yukina wearing a busty Chinese outfit.

From the magazine scan. And Yukina wearing another Chinese outfit which we will never see in the series itself. Oh, and nice pose, Kazura.